Digital marketing is an industry that moves quickly and is constantly evolving. Trends are a great way to keep track of what is changing – and to ensure that you’re optimising the digital marketing resources you have invested in for your business. When it comes to next year, these are the top 5 digital marketing trends to keep an eye on.

Influencer marketing is going mainstream

There are a number of reasons why this trend is gaining ground, including the fact that it works – 89% of marketers who currently engage with an influencer are going to increase or maintain the investment in 2023. Plus, there are lots of different ways to do influencer marketing – 56% of those who invest in it work with micro-influencers, not celebrities, who have smaller followings but often higher engagement.

Short-form video content is the key to marketing

A fifth of marketers are planning to start leveraging short-form video content in 2023 – and those already doing it are set to expand how much they already create. One of the major advantages of short-form content is that it takes less effort to create but it can be just as effective because it gets straight to the point. Platforms like TikTok and Snapchat have boomed because we all love consuming this kind of video content.

Integrating social media for customer service

Some brands have already started to do this but 2023 is going to see a huge expansion of the use of social media as a customer service tool. A quarter of brands already use social media DMs as a channel for supporting customers and answering queries and expanding the way that these platforms can support brands is rising to the top of the agenda. It’s going to coincide with more investment being made in the ecommerce side of social media by the platforms themselves and a rise in demand from consumers looking for the option of being able to make contact with a brand through Facebook, Instagram etc. That’s especially so among Gen Z and Millennials who actively choose social media as a way to communicate with brands.

SEO is rising up the list of priorities

It has always been key for websites to be discoverable but in 2023, SEO ranks behind only influencer marketing and short-form video as a budget priority. This is much less about generating reams of SEO content and instead working with experts who can create tailored SEO plans that leverage all the business’ strengths as well as every tool, from multimedia optimisation to analytics.

We will be mobile first

The expectation today is that websites will be optimised for mobile – and customers are pretty intolerant where that’s not the case. More than half of annual online traffic now comes from mobile devices. It’s not just websites where mobile optimisation is important but every channel, including email.

2023 is a brand new year for digital marketing and these are some of the top trends that are going to define the landscape. To find out more about Iconic Digital’s award-winning digital marketing services get in contact today on 020 7100 0726.