Infographics are a very effective tool in content marketing. They are incredibly powerful when it comes to communication, targeting the brain’s visual content centre with a combination of data, copy and imagery. This structure is not only more attention seeking but makes data easier to digest, understand and process than if you are simply using words alone. So, if you have a message that you’re keen to convey via your content marketing strategy, using infographics could significantly increase the impact you make.

Using infographics in your content marketing strategy – top 3 trends

Infographics have come a long way since they first appeared in the 2010s and are now much more versatile with a great deal more scope for using them as part of content marketing strategy. These are the top 3 infographics trends you could incorporate into your content marketing strategy right now.

The modular infographic

While it’s getting more and more popular to use visuals across digital marketing, restrictions on size mean that big infographics don’t work that well anymore. This is where the modular infographic can be incredibly useful, as it means sections of an infographic can be extracted and distributed on social platforms. This is a very flexible approach that allows for individual parts of the infographic to be used in multiple ways, such as with a blog post, and different sections can be aimed at different groups of people.

Interactive infographics

If you want to increase engagement with your message and provide a unique and more immersive experience then interactive infographics can help you to do it. Copy, audio, video, animation and other interactive elements can all be brought together to create more powerful and effective storytelling. The benefits of the interactive infographic include more flexible storytelling, putting the user in control and boosting engagement with your content. Interactive infographics can be especially useful if you’re presenting information but want the user to draw their own experience or you’re designing a specific narrative that needs to guide the user through something like the process of creation of your products or sustainability initiatives that your brand has invested in.

Multi-use content

With increasing need for content across multiple channels it can be a costly business to keep creating enough to keep up with demand. Infographics as multi-use content can be a vital tool to help you create a more streamlined content marketing strategy by re-using content and repurposing it for different platforms and perspectives. The way this works is to invest in a piece of high value content, such as an ebook, and then give this greater shelf life and reach by breaking it down into a series of smaller, more digestible pieces of content, including infographics. This not only improves ROI but also creates more consistency, as your content all stems from the same source.

Using infographics is a quick and simple way to improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy – starting with these three trends. Find out how Iconic Digital can help create content for your business, get in touch today, call us on 020 7100 0726. Find out more about our Content Marketing Agency in London.