The short answer is that content marketing and SEO is constantly changing. For any business keen to stay on top of what’s most effective right now it’s essential to be ready to re-invent what you’re doing in terms of strategy and approach. If you’re looking for inspiration in terms of the way that content marketing and SEO is evolving then these are just a few of the trends that are currently driving change.

Focus your strategy on genuinely useful content

The days of superficial content being effective for SEO are long gone. Unplanned, short pieces of content that don’t have much depth and haven’t been well researched don’t have a lot to contribute when it comes to content marketing and SEO. Now, it’s content that has been carefully created and which explores topics at length that is likely to generate the best results.

Integrate targeting into your strategy via personalisation

Currently more than 90% of marketers are using personalisation for at least one digital marketing channel, whether that’s email, app content or via a website. Personalisation isn’t just about using names but focusing on techniques that enable you to match up the content that appeals to specific people with that individual user. This can result in more customer loyalty and a better consumer experience so it is worth building into your content marketing strategy.

Expect to invest more in content creation

It makes sense that, if you want to have higher quality content, you need to invest more into it. That might be spending more time planning the right titles and topics or finding appropriate keywords for your content. It could also mean paying a professional writer a fair price for high quality content, rather than expecting to get something for nothing. There is a direct correlation between what you put in to content creation and what you’re likely to get out of it and this needs to be factored into strategy too.

Underpin everything with authenticity and credibility

This matters more than ever before to consumers. However, many marketers still haven’t grasped what authentic content really is. For example, while 92% of marketers believe most or all of the content their brand creates feels authentic to consumers, only 51% of those consumers agree. Authenticity drives consumers to take action – to achieve that content needs to be built around values such as transparency, accountability and a little vulnerability too.

Expand beyond blogging

There are so many content options available today and all will help to generate leads and increase the presence of your brand. Although written content remains incredibly important it’s not the only choice. Expanding content marketing strategy to also include content such as video and audio – as well as traditional written content – can have a seriously transformative impact.

If you want your content marketing strategy to remain effective and relevant then re-inventing it on a regular basis is going to be essential. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss the best way to start.