Targeted, relevant content should be at the centre of your digital marketing campaign

The world has closed its doors on traditional marketing activity. Consumers have shut off traditional promotional messages and advertorial copy from their browsers. Whilst there may be a place for some forms of brand marketing, it’s interesting to note that 73% of consumers now fast forward their TV adverts, and 62% of online users now block adverts from Google and YouTube. Smart marketers understand that traditional marketing is becoming less effective and the need for content marketing is ever growing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a digital marketing discipline where interesting and relevant content is written or curated and then distributed and shared in order to attract a specific audience. The objective of content marketing is twofold; firstly to increase the brand authority of the content author and secondly to drive profitable customer engagement with the author.

How does content marketing fit into a B2B marketing strategy?

The primary aim of content marketing within a business to business setting is to attract new prospects and retain them on your website. Creating a regular stream of helpful advice and blogs can enhance consumer behaviour or better still, result in sales enquiries. Content marketing is an on-going marketing strategy that focusses on authoring content rather than simply distributing or renting content from third parties. 
A best practise content marketing model could take the form of a weekly blog post with relevant information to help your clients. Blogs do not pitch products or services but are seen as a regular source of good information that consumers will want to read, watch and consume. The foundation of content marketing as a B2B strategy is the ideology that if your company consistently delivers, ongoing valuable information to consumers, then they will reward the business with their patronage and ultimately their ongoing loyalty.

How much does content marketing cost?

As an award winning content marketing agency, Iconic Digital can supply you with a fully outsourced content marketing strategy.
Our service includes:
- Full industry research into your products and services
- Weekly blog posts published on your company website
- Distribution of your content via your social media channels
- Email marketing to your audience to drive regular engagement.
A typical content strategy costs around £850 per month however prices will depend based on the size of your audience, the scope of your articles and the amount of post editorial engagement required.