Content is a huge part of digital marketing and it works alongside campaigns and other elements to ultimately generate leads. However, for content marketing to be the most effective that it can be, there are a number of essential things to incorporate in order to be able to generate leads. These things include:

Create a strong blog title

Creating an interesting headline or blog title is important as this is often what will catch the attention of the reader first and encourage them to read the rest of your content. This should be concise as this encourages more engagement, and it should give an idea of the topic of the content, and may include some clever rhyming, puns or other literary features.

Demonstrate consistency with your brand and website

It’s important to remember that all the content you create should be a consistent reflection of your brand, and fit with your website, so that it gives a consistent approach to your customers and makes a strong brand impression. This is not just in terms of design, but in the way content is written – style and format. Then you can give a call to action at the end which provides a link to other parts of your website or a Contact page, and it will create a natural journey for visitors to take that is more likely to generate leads.

Write with purpose

Your content should be written bearing in mind a couple of considerations. These are that you need to target your content to your audience. This can be both in terms of subject and the way it’s written too, for example a style that suits the target audience you’re aiming to reach. Within this, you’ll also need to optimise your content for SEO. You can do this by using keywords within your content, especially in headings, and throughout the content naturally. This is more likely to generate leads as it will direct more people to your content and therefore to your website.

Share your content!

Sharing your content helps to boost your SEO by building links but it also increases your audience reach. Utilising the main social channels including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn can be a useful way to entice potential customers to your website, initially through the content that you share.

There is more to content writing and lead generation, but these are just a few helpful tips. To find out more about how to generate leads through content writing, get in touch with the Iconic Digital team today on 020 7100 0726.