Creating a captivating call to action is one of the hardest jobs we have as marketers. Drawing visitors to the website is easy compared to actually getting your visitors to do something on the site once they are there. So we’ve searched for the five simplest ways to create a call to action that works every time.

Every company and brand are different, so no two CTA’s will ever be the same. Instead, you need to use these steps as a guide the creating the perfect one for your brand alone.

Get to the point

Your call to action should show your visitors you want them to do something, whether it’s to share a post, sign up for a newsletter or shop for your product. Your message should be short, simple and strong and tell them directly what they’ll be doing if they follow it.

Be original

What is it about your brand that makes you stand out from your competitors? Are you the underdog? Are you the friendly type of company? Choose words or phrases that are going to make you stand out. Something that’s clever and unique will always compel your visitors more than a generic message.

Use action words

Using verbs like call, start, build or discover will encourage your visitors to click on your call to action. The more direct these words are, the more compelling they’re going to be. And the more often it’s going to work.

Be urgent

Just like the action words, the more urgent the words you use, the more your visitors are likely to act. While the word today is good, words like now and immediately are even more effective.

Keep it simple

Overall though, your call to action needs to short, simple and strong. Don’t overthink these steps. Instead create a call to action and see if it fits the rules rather than building one around the rules.

Remember, creating a captivating call to action takes creativity and time. Practice what works on your audience. Then use visitor tracking software to see exactly how many times your visitors have clicked on it, and actually measure your results.

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