Blogging is evolving as a marketing tool. In 2020 the smart money is on using this type of content not just to boost SEO but also to create communities and better engage customers. In an increasingly competitive online world it’s the brands with the ability to engage consumers on a human level who are inching ahead and achieving more sustainable relationships. Blogging is an incredibly effective way to nurture this, for 2020 and beyond.

The benefits of active interaction

We’ve all seen the predictions that audio and video content are set to grow enormously in popularity this year. While that’s true it’s worth noting that this type of content is passive while the written content of a blog is active. Active interaction tends to create more intense and sustainable relationships with consumers than passive activities that don’t engage in the same way.

Demonstrating industry expertise

A blog is a great place to show just how much you know about your industry or niche, to relate unique experiences and to offer tips and insights that will set you apart from others in your sector. It’s a fantastic forum for sharing high quality, useful and informative content that others can run with themselves. A blog is a great way to become a ‘go to’ source for specific insights or topics within your field.

Generating referral traffic

Blog content is incredibly shareable and the more engaging and interesting it is the more likely it is to travel far and wide online. Blogging can lead to a wealth of referral traffic which is not only beneficial in SEO terms but also when it comes to providing social proof that the content you’re creating is worth engaging with. Revenue generation is obviously a top priority for enterprises today and blogging, with its clear SEO benefits, still has a big role to play in helping this happen.

Building a community

A regular blog that offers something unique and targeted to its readers can create a community around your brand. It’s these communities that go on to create long lasting customer bases that act as brand advocates to bring others into your orbit. Blog content can be subtly advertorial but generally doesn’t have a marketing angle so consumers tend to engage with it more fully and openly. If it provides useful information and insights they will share it with others, creating a community around your brand. Blogging can also establish a conduit for access to other communities, for example when your posts are shared to other sites.

Audience insights

Comments on blogs can be an incredibly useful way to get to know more about your customers. If you post and respond to blog comments you can create active areas through the blog and social media where you can learn more about your audience and use interaction to reinforce relationships.

Blogging still has a great deal of relevance to any business in 2020. From helping your brand to get found online to offering new opportunities to establish stronger relationships with consumers it remains a crucial marketing tool.

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