2020 has been the year that changed everything, for everyone – including marketers. SEO remains a priority and a very useful tool but a perspective shift may be necessary as we start to roll into the new year. If you want to make sure you’re on top of the latest SEO then these are the key trends to prepare for in 2021.

AI and automation

While we have tentatively explored AI and automation this year, the possibilities for using this in SEO in 2021 are going to be endless. Both the quality and quantity of AI-generated content will significantly increase and more scalable solutions for optimisation that uses automation are likely to be everywhere.

Refocus SEO direct

Pretty much every year, looking at the user and their search intent is at the top of the list of trends for the following year – and 2021 is no different. Except that this year has been unprecedented and so there is even more of a reason to make this a priority. In practice, a refocus now means moving away from best practices such as writing meta descriptions for every page as algorithms become even more dominant. Instead, it’s more about SERPs/searcher intent. SERP analysis will create opportunities to find out what users are thinking and looking for, allowing the creation of more competitive content, websites that actually deliver what people want and customer journeys that aren’t hard work.

The majority of searches are mobile

So, the mobile perspective is a huge trend for 2021. Mobile UX is essential for any website, especially as Google is more likely now to ignore the desktop site and focus on the mobile. This isn’t just about doing the minimum but creating a genuinely satisfying experience for the mobile user.

Make the traffic you already have work harder

Behavioural analytics is taking over from keyword volume in 2021. Looking at what the consumer is doing – and where – and identifying ways in which you can encourage them to do more of it in a way that serves your business will be crucial. This insight can then provide the foundation of content that provides answers to the questions, needs and concerns that are being expressed in search. Businesses that don’t manage this shift to the customer risk losing audience to others who are more focused on it.

Page experience metrics

Core Web Vitals will arrive as a ranking factor in 2021, pushing page experience metrics to the top of the priority list for SEO. This means optimising websites for everything, from page speed to rendering and mobile-friendliness. Also key here is the actual experience that a user has – not just what the web crawlers see. This will mean looking hard at factors such as site safety and security and how quickly pages load.

More strategic SEO

From staying relevant to ensuring that your business is in the front of consumers’ minds this is going to require planning, research, process development and a strategic approach to the way you leverage SEO for your business.

Long form content

In the battle for competitive content, long form content is going to be the big winner in 2021. This will not only appeal to Google’s E-A-T guidelines but content of 2,000+ words also provides much more opportunity for storytelling and emotional appeal.

There are some big shifts happening in SEO in 2021 and these are the key trends to note.To find out how Iconic Digital can help you improve your business’ digital marketing, get in touch today and call us on 020 7100 0726. Find out more about our Search Engine Optimisation Agency in London.