Digital marketing became a prime survival mechanism for brands throughout 2020 and 2021. This year, it’s not just about maintaining connections but reaching new audiences and making good use of all the available tools to deepen the relationships you have with your customers. These are some of the key digital marketing trends of 2022 that are going to help you do that.

Email marketing

Yes, this remains one of the simplest and best ways to connect with your audience. However, there are now many more options for ensuring that the right message gets in front of the right person at the right time. Personalisation is still key, especially using dynamic content and AI infrastructure to deliver relevant content that generates authentic interest. Customer appreciation emails also help to boost conversion rates and ensuring that your emails have a consistent and engaging design is vital.

Working with influencers

The trend for 2022 is working with a wide range of influencers, not just those that are the most obvious. Influencers provide social proof for your products and services, which is why they are so effective. Find an influencer that caters specifically to your niche so that your products aren’t being lost in a sea of other, broader promotions. It’s also important to look for different types of influencers – micro influencers (those under 10k) often have a very engaged audience, which is a big advantage for brands.

Reviewing the social channels that you use

Facebook has more than 2.7 billion monthly active users but Instagram has the highest user engagement than any other platform and TikTok is growing the fastest. Are you on the right platforms and are you using them wisely? Remember that visual content attracts 40 times more shares than text based content wherever you’re posting


Greater customer segmentation

Using segmentation allows you to reach people in your audience in a way that is most likely to appeal to them. With an increasing array of tools available to help brands do this, segmentation is growing as a 2022 digital marketing trend.

High-quality content is always on-trend

Exciting and value-driven content that goes beyond simple sales is always going to be necessary for your brand. In 2022 that means content that is expertly written, highly visual and which has been crafted using analytics to ensure that it’s relevant. Remember to optimise content for voice search as this is, increasingly, how many people look for things online.

Social commerce is becoming credible

Social commerce represents around 4.3% of sales right now but buying through social media platforms is going to increase sharply as the functionality becomes easier and consumers get used to doing it.

Video ads are essential

Video remains a primary way we like to consume content, which is why video ads are now essential. Remember to factor in the need to accommodate mobile users with vertical ads and keep your videos short and punchy – up to 15 seconds max.

If you’re keen to evolve your digital marketing in 2022 these are some of the key trends to note. Iconic Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency in London that has the skills and know-how to help your business reach its full digital capabilities in 2022. To find out more about Iconic Digital’s award-winning digital marketing services get in contact today on 020 7100 0726.