Search Engine Optimastion (SEO) and Content Marketing can be used together to increase your rankings on Google. SEO uses specific URL’s, titles, site maps and ALT tags to boost your rankings on Google. Whereas content marketing uses a broader technique. Content marketers aim to put out appealing content as a means of generating and retaining their audiences. When used correctly together, SEO and content marketing can really boost your websites ranking in Google.

Why SEO And Content Marketing Should Work Together

Though it’s commonly assumed that SEO is used solely to get your business’ website ranking higher than your competitors on search engines, this isn’t its only purpose. If the SEO on your website has not been properly established, all efforts to create the best content will be to no avail sicne you also need visibility. If your website has incurred penalties or Google isn’t cataloguing your pages correctly, it will negatively affect the visibility of your site. To rectify this, expert SEO strategies will need to be implemented.

Why Create Fresh, Quality Content?

While creating minimal pieces of content used to be enough for Google’s crawlers, this is no longer the case. Moreover poor quality content reflects badly on your business and readers won’t see you as a thought leader. However, from an SEO point of view, having content that is innovative and interesting will greatly help search engines to differentiate your website from your competitors’ when it comes to indexing. High quality, original content will also help you reach your content marketing goals as it is much more likely to attract readers. Your content should offer value to audiences, such as helpful advice that inspires people and makes them want to stay on your website for more information.

Researching Keywords

For content marketing and SEO to work well together, keyword research is pivotal. Firstly, your content should be written to the highest standard. Once that is the case, it needs to get the proper exposure, to maximise ROI. For this to be achieved your content will need to be visible to your potential audience. This means knowing what they are typing into search engines and answering their queries effectively. This is done by using the same key phrases within the content of your site. When people are searching, they don’t tend to use complete sentences. It’s often key phrases that are searched, for example “Digital marketing consultants London”. By trying too hard and using too many technical terms in your content, you could do more damage than good, as it may not match what your intended audience are searching. Doing keyword research will help you to know exactly what your target audience is searching for so that you can ensure your website shows up as matching their search.

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