While trends in digital marketing wax and wane, the popularity of email remains one of the constants. Email marketing is a simple and cost effective way to achieve real ROI on marketing spend. However, if you’ve been using it as a tool for some time it can slide into uninspiring and repetitive territory. So, here are 10 tips for making your next email marketing campaign the most effective you’ve ever produced.

1. Add video

Video is the type of content that consumers really want to engage with today and including it your email marketing can boost campaign performance.

2. Or a GIF

Most consumers will have already come across a GIF at some point in their online journey but these can still be a positive surprise when customers open an email – it may also encourage them to open it in the first place. GIFs can also be a useful tool for drawing attention to content you specifically want a customer to focus on.

3. Include some personalisation

It’s much easier to integrate personalisation via email than many other marketing channels. Even something as simple as including a customer’s name can make a difference. The most effective personalisation is that which offers tailored discounts or information based on specific audience segments.

4. Invest in quality content and make it regular

If your customers are in the habit of receiving an informative and interesting email from you at specific intervals they will start to expect it, which can work towards cementing brand loyalty and positive perception.

5. Overhaul your admin emails

The email content that accompanies notifications of dispatch, billing or order acknowledgement actually have a key role to play in defining the relationship between brand and consumer. Although these admin emails are mainly designed to deliver specific information they can also work to build on brand perception and add some personality to the process.

6. Follow up an abandoned checkout

These are the customers who almost converted and often all they need is one last push to get over the line – which can be achieved with a follow up email. The email can be used to offer an incentive or simply to remind the customer about the product and why they put it into the cart in the first place.

7. Add in your rave reviews

More customers than ever before go online to read reviews before making a purchase today. You can cash in on this by including actual reviews in an email marketing campaign – this can be especially effective when it comes to something like an abandoned checkout email.

8. Reconsider the images you’re using

The best way to evaluate how effective email campaign images are is to test them. For example, measure the responses to images that show products being used as opposed to those where the items are simply displayed. Or consider if there is a different response if you use illustration as opposed to photography.

9. Use email to promote a referral programme

There are benefits for the business and for consumers in referrals and this is another positive content element you can build into email campaigns.

10. Implement positive maintenance of distribution lists and segmentation

This is the simplest way to ensure email campaigns are effective. Don’t forget to offer customers the opportunity to provide information about themselves that can help with this process, from the products they are interested in to the content that they favour.

Email marketing campaigns can be incredibly effective – if you want to get more from your next one these ideas will help.