Press releases are a key part of any digital marketing strategy. If you’re looking to reach out to your target audience and ensure that they notice your brand then the press release and its content can be pivotal.

What is a press release?

Press releases are a communication tool that are designed to be used when there is specific news that you want to share, or you’re looking to update customers on business progress. They are normally 400-500 words long and structured around a topic or subject that is of timely relevance to your business. The tone of the content is fairly formal – press releases don’t have the conversational feel of a blog, for example – and the structure should be information driven. When you’re creating press releases you should ensure that

  • The information in the release is 100% factually correct. False claims may bring legal issues, for example. Plus, as press releases are relied on by others talking about your business, if facts or statistics are not correct in the release they could make their way into other coverage of your enterprise.
  • The release is written in the third person. It should refer to your brand from an outsider’s perspective.
  • The release will be timely. Information in press releases should be fresh and have an exclusive feel in order to be most effective.

How can press releases contribute to digital marketing strategy?


Creating brand awareness

Branding is all about instant recognition of what the business is and what it does. A press release has a significant role to play in that, as it represents an opportunity to let people know about your business, what you’re doing and why you’re relevant. A steady stream of exciting press releases can create a real buzz about a business.

Establishing your business as an industry leader

Press releases bring prominence and help to create a focus on an organisation as an industry leader. They are essential when it comes to establishing credibility for the business and can be the tools with which you’re able to achieve greater coverage of what you’re doing from a wider range of more well respected sources. The key to this will be ensuring you have strong links with editors and organisations who will share your press releases.

Promoting your products or services

When you have a new product launch or you’re keen to promote a new range of services, the press release is a simple way to announce this to the industry and beyond. Press releases provide a reference point for those who want to write about your products and services, as they are data rich, informative and often include a quote from someone within the business about what’s going on.

Broadening your reach

There are many platforms for promoting press releases and these can help you to reach a much wider audience. So, for those looking to extend impact via digital marketing strategy, the press release could be a useful tool.

At Iconic Digital, we know how to craft precise and impactful press releases that will support your business’ digital marketing strategy – contact us to find out how we could help you to refine the way you use this important business tool.