Effective, strategic content marketing is one of the most powerful methods of brand building. From increasing awareness to generating more traffic to your website and social media, content marketing can contribute to brand exposure in many different ways. This well-established channel is going to grow even more in 2022, so which are the techniques you need to be aware of to be able to optimise content marketing for your own brand?

Identify who you are talking to

Before you even create a single piece of content marketing you need to know exactly who you’re speaking to. Researching your target market and having a clear idea of your ideal audience are both vital for getting value from the time and money you invest in content marketing. You can do this in many ways, including using a simple survey focusing on major pain points, already-tried solutions, the customer’s ideal solution and what they were hoping it would accomplish.

Define your USP

Another foundation of content marketing is knowing what your brand’s unique selling proposition is. These are the selling points of your brand framed in the context of what creates value to your ideal customer.

Generate non-branded, searchable web content

Especially if you’re just starting out this is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Identify key terms to target and then create content optimised for these terms so that your site becomes a destination for them.

Work on your network of industry contacts

The more professional links you have within your industry the more potential there is for referrals. In the context of your content marketing you’re establishing a reliable network of people who will share your content so that you can broaden its reach.

Connect with influencers

In the same way that your network of industry contacts could be vital for increasing brand exposure, so too can influencers. Those who have big platforms have the potential to significantly increase your brand profile by sharing your content, or being part of it. Choose influencers that fit well with your brand vision and values and where the partnership feels like a natural collaboration.

Use third party websites to boost the influence and authority of your own

This is essentially guest posting to websites that have more visibility and authority than yours does. It will create a wider audience for your content and attract more people to your brand.

Employ all the data-driven insights at your disposal

Analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics, will provide you with essential insight into how your content is performing, and which pieces are the most effective at driving brand awareness. Use this to define your content strategy going forward. Social listening tools can also be key for choosing content topics and making sure you’re part of trending conversations.

Engage with a wide range of content

From blogs to video, interviews, guest posts and ads there are lots of options available and it doesn’t make sense to restrict yourself to just one.

Content marketing has huge potential for increasing brand exposure – these are some of the best ways to get started. Find out how Iconic Digital can help increase your brand exposure through content marketing, get in touch today, call us on 020 7100 0726. Find out more about our Content Marketing Agency in London.