Content writing is still a major part of any successful digital marketing strategy, and Press Releases are just one part of this strategy. However, PRs are also a part of your wider SEO strategy, and are therefore extremely useful for making your brand known online. If you’re not sure where to start with Press Releases, here are all the basics that you need to know:

What is a Press Release?

Typically, Press Releases are around an average length of 400-500 words, with the purpose to communicate specific news and updates to current customers as well as to generate greater brand awareness. PRs should be written in a formal tone which is much more informative and factual than, for example, a blog. You should try to release PRs as soon as there is relevant news, in order to get information out to your audience while it is still fresh.

Establishing your brand as an industry leader

Alongside other content, PRs are just one element of your digital marketing that can help you to establish your brand as a thought leader within your industry. Establish good relationships with strong editors and industry-relevant companies who will share your PRs and news, whilst at the same time giving your brand greater credibility. You should share PRs on strong platforms, which also builds relevant links back to your website to improve your SEO rankings.

Get your content right

As well as a formal written style, PRs can also be used to promote special offers, services or products, and are a great platform to share some information about your company and what you do. All content and claims made should be 100 % factually correct in order to avoid legal complications, so ensure that you don’t exaggerate, just simply focus on the main points that you have to share. The whole PR should be written in the third person, referring to your brand and company from an outsider’s perspective, similar to a report.

Prepare your content in advance

The secret to fast PRs being released as the news is released is preparing your content in advance. Sometimes this can mean writing different versions in advance and then selecting the one which is correct when the news is released, and discarding the others. Or it can just mean prioritising drafting the basic content ready for specific details as soon as they’re available.

Tips for sharing PRs

There are some cheap ways to share PRs too, by using platforms such as – so there’s no excuse to miss PRs out of your content strategy.

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