Blogging is big business. According to WordPress, 409 million people read more than 23.7 billion pages every month. From the smallest enterprise through to Fortune 500 companies, organisations of all shapes and sizes are producing regular posts on everything, from homebrew through to fashion. But could posting regular blogs on your company website really benefit your business?

The 8 benefits of business blogging

1. Blogging gives your company personality

There’s a reason why 36% of Fortune 500 companies have blogs – it makes these enormous multi national businesses more engaging and human. Every company benefits from developing a voice and having a forum to talk about its brand values, and a blog is the perfect place for that.

2. A useful customer service tool

One of the key uses of a blog can be to deal with the most common customer queries and questions. The best blogs are genuinely useful, interesting or problem solving. Use your blog as a way to solve key customer questions and you could reduce the number of calls your customer services team receives, as well as making your customers feel better cared for.

3. A perfect platform for sharing achievements

The best blogs are usually those with a positive tone and upbeat voice – so, your blog is a great place to share achievements and exciting developments. Blogs feel much more personal and engaging than press releases and you can generate a lot of interest for blogging about what the business is doing, for example, work in the community, new innovative products or awards won.

4. Blogging is free

You’ll need someone to write the blogs but if you can do this yourself, or have a talented writer in-house, then the cost to you is low. Blogging is a great way for smaller businesses to compete with those who have much larger marketing budgets. You don’t need huge resources to produce regular, high quality blog posts that will engage your customers and are shareable elsewhere.

5. Blogging can generate backlinks

The more accurate, informative, interesting and engaging your blog posts are, the more other sites will begin to link back to your blog as a source of information. A blog page can be a big boost to SEO in general. It is fresh content that is regularly updated and sends positive messages to search engines about your site.

6. Social media and blogging support each other

Creating interesting, shareable blog content that you can use in social media posts generates attention on social platforms that will drive people back to your blog. It’s a positive circle of effort that can be very rewarding, both in terms of building your social profiles and establishing your blog.

7. Blogging is a great platform for expertise

If you’ve carried out market research or surveys, gathered statistics or data then sharing these via a blog is a great way to attract attention to what you’re doing.

8. It has a role to play in PR

Anyone writing about your organisation will trawl the website looking for useful information and your blog can supply everything, from quotes to updates on business progress.

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