Content marketing has now become a key element of digital marketing following a range of algorithm changes from Google over the past few years. Content is a great way to get more visitors onto and engaging with your website, so how can you develop a more effective content marketing strategy?

#1 – Posting content regularly

It’s vital that you’re sharing at least 2-4 pieces of blog content per month via your website, which can be complemented by Press Releases and White Papers too. This shows Google that you are generating regular content, all of which is also available to then share with your social media followers. This creates inbound links to your site which not only directs visitors onto your blogs for more details, but also works towards boosting your ranking in Google.

#2 – Incorporate SEO keywords

Content must not only be posted regularly, but also be of high quality. It should incorporate enough industry-related keywords (3-5%) of the content, to boost your search rankings in Google. However, keywords must be used in a natural way that flows when read, as Google can penalise use of words or phrases that are clearly just added in to boost the use of keywords. Writing quality pieces of content on a regular basis will help you to establish yourself as a thought leader within your industry.

#3 – Consider blog titles carefully

The main thing that will often catch the attention of your potential readers is a good title. Often it can be easier to write the piece of content first before choosing a headline. Always come up with a topic before writing though, to ensure clarity and a direction throughout your written content. Choose something catchy and concise to keep it simple which also reflects the overall content you are sharing in the main body of the text.

#4 – Pitch the tone right

Some businesses may wish to maintain a formal tone within their blogs, however generally blog content should be written in a more informal style. Content needs to be written to cater to the requirements of your target audience, your potential customers or existing customers. Ensuring that there is a good balance between information and a friendly tone can make it much easier to read, and not overwhelm your audience with technical jargon that can become alienating.

#5 – Content isn’t just text

Think about content as a whole, not just the main body of text. Most content, such as blogs, should be accompanied by complementary and relevant imagery that will help your content to stand out when shared amongst so much other content online. It’s also important to note that sharing a 2,000 word piece may seem helpful, but your audience are less likely to engage with long content pieces. Keeping it to 500-750 words as a maximum should boost your engagement.

Building your content strategy

Building your overall content marketing strategy can be time consuming, and requires dedicating time and resources in house to get it right. If you’re looking for help with your content marketing or are looking to outsource it on a white label basis to expert content writers, you can get in touch with Iconic Digital today and speak to one of our content writing team on 020 7100 0726.