Are you about to approach the daunting task of content marketing? Does it seem like a huge burden? Sharing content which is inspirational, engaging, and successful, across the right platforms will allow you to reach your target audience. You need to continue to improve and grow, dedicating your time and energy to tailor your content specifically. This might seem like a lot to think about but our 5 easy steps will show you where to start, so that you can enjoy writing inspirational content for your audience.

#1 – Is anyone listening?

There’s no point sharing content that doesn’t entice your target audience. Line up anything you’re sharing to match the vision, USPs and values of your company. Identifying the exact audience you are looking for will help you to target and monitor your success effectively.

Don’t be afraid to categorise customers. Breaking down your potential audience into different specifications can be helpful – for example filtering them by their position within a company, their industry sector, or the size of their business. This way you build up a bigger picture of your target audience, allowing you to tactically engage with a wider audience. Pay attention to your target audience. Find out their likes, dislikes, behaviours so that you can work towards best meeting their needs. With a customer centric approach, you will gain new business by writing content that your audience will love.

#2 – Get the numbers

To work out which strategies are most effective within your content marketing, you should keep track of what’s going on. This means looking at the numbers. Determine what generates the most interest, shares, comments and traffic to your site. Is it articles, videos, images? You can use UTMs to monitor external links, and measure the number of inbound links to your blogs. Be realistic – if you can see that one particular method or platform really isn’t working for you, then don’t push it. Focus on the things which are bringing a higher number of leads.

#3 – Look around and curate content

No one likes a copycat but there’s no harm in curating the best content. In order to bring out your creativity, you should take a look at what other companies within your industry are doing, and where they are successful, follow their lead. Get rid of the repetitiveness of simply re-spinning existing content, and take a step in front of your competitors.

Explore different ways to share your content, this could be using various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Plus. It could also be replicating what others are doing, but doing it better. Remember that what works for one business, may not work for another, however, it is worth observing any patterns across your industry which could help to estimate what may or may not be successful for you.

#4 – It’s about the bigger picture

Content marketing doesn’t stand alone. It fits together with other online marketing strategies such as social media and SEO. All of these combine to drive traffic to your site and result in conversion. But this does mean that your content needs to be good. Otherwise you are sharing it in vain with unwilling customers, which will mean you are wasting your time.

Your content needs to be consistent with your website so that those directed to it will link the two together immediately. So it can be a helpful idea for content that you share to be presented and laid out in the same way as your site.

Where conversation arises from content you have posted, seize the opportunity to strike up a chat with potential customers. This can be a useful way to get leads, as well as generating discussion with your audience. Listen to the feedback they give and make changes to future content accordingly.

#5 – Learn from the experts

Do your research before beginning your content marketing, and pick up tips as you go along too. Reading up on other people’s experiences, case studies or failures could help you to create the best possible plan for your business. Learn from others’ mistakes as well as your own. Essentially, the process of content marketing will always begin with trial and error. There is no way to know exactly what will and will not work until you begin to try. So have a go, and let us know how you get on.

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