Whether you are writing emails, blogs or website pages, the way you write your communications is essential to improving your engagement levels. So, we reveal 5 quick tricks that you can start using today to make your communications more effective.

1 – Make it personal

Every single one of your communications needs to feel personal in order to engage with every individual lead. Use your personas to target their pain points as you start directing them to the sales funnel. Also, use “you” twice as much as “we” or “us” to subconsciously connect them with your content.

2 – Keep it short and snappy

Your prospects don’t have that much time to spare, so you need to keep your message short and snappy. Get to the point straight away. If you’ve interested them, they’ll interact with your call to action. Remember, 80% of the work of any communication is in the headline so spend more time on this to make sure it really grabs their attention. Using their name, numbers, ‘how to’ or a personal line such as “thanks for contacting me” are all great headline examples that continue to increase engagement.

3 – Keep your tone of voice consistent

Reading is an experience just like the user journey, so each paragraph needs to flow and connect in order to get your audience moving through the right channels and towards a sale. Switching between friendly and formal or changing which persona you’re addressing for different features will only confuse your readers. Decide on one set tone of voice to go with your brand and stick to this. Your tone is the voice of the company and needs to connect with each member of your audience.

4 – Provide valuable content

Consumers want companies to be experts in their respective fields and provide them with all the information they need before making a purchase. That’s why it’s vital your communications can provide valuable insights to your potential customers. By targeting them with the information they want, you increase your rapport with them, build your reputation as an expert in the industry and push your products all at the same time.

5 – Find the platforms that work best for your target audience

Producing content is all well and good but worthless if you can’t find a way to drive your target audience to it. Do a bit of market research first to see which platforms your target audience interact with. Do they prefer LinkedIn to Twitter? Do they open emails, or would they prefer a text message when they get in contact with you?

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