Artificial Intelligence (AI) used to be the stuff of fiction but today it’s very much a reality. And that includes in the world of modern marketing where technology can make all the difference to everything, from how you communicate with your audience to the reach that you’re able to achieve. AI marketing is very much a concept that any organisation needs to grasp, as it will be at the cutting edge in the coming years. But how will the rise of AI have an effect on your marketing?

What do we mean by AI marketing?

AI has already made its way into our lives, whether we are fully aware of it or not – Alexa is an AI, for example. Machine learning has been employed in marketing since the 2000s but it’s still very much a new area. Successful marketing today is heavily reliant on data and that’s somewhere that an AI can really add value, especially when it comes to analysis. AI is already becoming part of digital marketing strategies in many different ways, including:

  • Chatbots that help companies to improve customer service and give a more personal touch to how people interact with the brand.
  • In the space of customer experience where AI like Google Duplex can act as a kind of PA, making phone calls and booking appointments and reservations on your behalf.
  • Algorithms that allow a wealth of autonomous learning from incoming data.
  • Advances in natural language processing and machine learning that are helping organisations to create even more engaging ads and content.
  • Providing extensive audience insights – AI can help brands get clearer on who their customers are, what they really want, what their pain points are and what they are ready to buy.

Is this a brand new marketing skill set?

Marketing is a field where AI is going to influence almost every area and almost every job. Everything, from email marketing to paid search and social media will feel the benefit of AI influence. That could be something as simple as making content creation easier or being able to better optimise marketing spend. However, the worries that many people have over jobs being taken by AI are largely unfounded. Rather, this is going to make marketers’ lives easier and open up new opportunities to be more effective and successful by using AI as a tool.

Is digital marketing going to be replaced?

The scope of digital marketing is incredibly broad and this is a constantly evolving area that can comfortably make space for AI insights, systems and tools. In fact, AI marketing automation could be a revolution in the digital marketing space, taking what we know and love to use today to a whole new level. So, the key digital marketing question for any business is going to be how to take advantage of this new technology, whether that is using AI to deliver highly targeted ads at precisely the right moment or to better understand the customer journey.

So, yes, AI is going to have a huge effect on your marketing – and it’s something to get excited about. To find out more about Iconic Digital’s award-winning digital marketing services get in contact today on 020 7100 0726.