In the last decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gone from being the stuff of science fiction fantasy to a genuinely useful tool that is likely to have very broad application. In the digital marketing world it has a lot of potential, from outreach, to customer experience to forecasting. It’s unlikely that AI will bypass the marketing world given the great impact it could have – and this is where we’re most likely to see it have an influence.

Defining digital marketing trends

Given the wealth of data that AI can process, as well as the analysis that can be applied to that data, AI potentially has a crucial role to play in the forecasting of the future. While this potential will no doubt have very wide application, it will influence the digital marketing world specifically by making trends easier to spot and predict. Those who are using AI will be the first to be able to identify trends – and to implement them.

Connecting with a key audience

Audience targeting is fairly well established for many of us in the digital marketing world but AI has the potential to take this to the next level. Using artificial intelligence it will be increasingly possible for brands to better identify the right people to reach out to. This will be based on a wide range of different factors, from demographics and location through to more complex data based on behaviours, interests and focus. The result will be that brands waste less time reaching out to those who aren’t really a suitable audience and making the right connections becomes much easier.

Improving user experience

In the user experience context, AI could make a huge difference. It will provide brands with the tools to be more competitive thanks to insights and service. For example, AI will make it much more simple to predict buyer behaviour and also to define buyer personas and understand search cycles. Plus, the use of AI in customer service – such as chat bots – could revolutionise the quality of customer support for many businesses.

More effective searching

AI has the potential to optimise searching, making it much more efficient and effective for both users and brands. The ability of AI to track and predict, for example, will enable much smarter searching sessions with better keywords and more satisfying results.

Better targeting of advertising

Digital advertising has come a long way in recent times but can still be costly for brands and still offers no guarantees that the right ad will end up in front of the right person. AI will have a big influence here thanks to the scope that it has for collecting and analysing behaviours and preferences. Combined with the way that AI will be able to make predictions based on the data that it has crunched, it could create a much more efficient system in which individuals see ads they’re actually interested in and brands reach their target audience.

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