12 ways to get Twitter followers

When it comes down to it there are two ways of looking at Twitter – quantity and quality. The reality is that both factors are important and work together. Ultimately you are looking for followers who are going to be valuable to you, so we’ve put together some tips to get you on your way:

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15 ways to generate great blog ideas

When you’re looking to engage with your audience, blogs can be a great way to generate interest by sharing relevant content with them. However, sometimes it can be a real challenge to come up with new, exciting content regularly. Here is our list of 15 ways to start generating interesting content that your audience will love.

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Facebook beating Twitter’s growth due to mobile surge

The UK revenue for microblogging services is set to double to around £100million, compared to the £570million expected from social networks.

Twitter alone is forecast to generate a UK revenue of almost £100m, doubling from last year. Facebook is also estimated a significant boost in revenue by 40%, up to a massive £570million. However, Twitter will not reach its target of a UK revenue of £180m by 2015, failing to meet expectations from investors.

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Using Twitter Effectively For Customer Service

Twitter has not historically been viewed as a customer service platform but the thing about this form of social media is that, whether you like it or not, if you’re interacting with followers via Twitter then you are in fact engaging in social customer service. You may have noticed how many more requests for help now come in via Twitter – as the platform is viewed by consumers as a fast and efficient way to engage with a brand this is actually not that surprising and is likely to increase.

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How To Achieve Blog Visibility In Four Simple Steps

Blogs are a great way to create some buzz around your products and services, to attract traffic to your website and to give your online presence a bit of personality. However, the issue with a blog is that it’s really only effective if someone can see it. It’s widely acknowledged that a large proportion of blogs tend to go relatively unnoticed by the vast majority of the British online public, which if you’re blogging about your favourite recipes or your new pet isn’t really such a big deal.

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3 Social Media Tactics to Increase Engagement

Every internet marketer knows that it’s possible to increase market engagement and campaign effectiveness by using social media. In fact in 2013 we saw an average of 500 million tweets every day and over 350 million Facebook photos uploaded every month. Despite such massive growth across social channels, it amazes me how poorly some businesses use social media today.  Here’s my three top tips to help you engage with your audience.

#1 Become a Content Junkie

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How To Get 1,000 Genuine Twitter Followers In 8 Weeks

We’ve all seen adverts offering hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers for a few pounds, and some of us may have even purchased these services. In reality, bulking up your Twitter account in this way offers very little benefit. 
The stark reality is that your unique followers are likely spoof profiles, created on mass using specialist software. Your new followers will not become active members of your social community and they certainly won’t increase your social footprint or share your content. 
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Metro Claims Social Media Has Driven Record Traffic Figures

The online newspaper Metro has put record traffic figures down to its successful use of social media websites. Having undergone a major redesign in December 2012, the site has gone on to reach new heights; something that owners Associated Press have said is down to the introduction of the mobile friendly design and also the use of streams and a strong social media influence. A 21% month on month increase means that the so-called freesheet attracted more than 20 million visitors in November this year.
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5 Ways To Successfully Use Social Media For Your Business

Social media marketing can serve many purposes for your business, and for you professionally. Sites like Facebook and Twitter attract hundreds of millions, or even billions of users, and you only need to reach a tiny fraction of these people to be able to consider social media campaign a success. As well as using these sites to prospect for leads, there are other ways that you can consider using your social profile in a bid to try and improve your business and website results.

1 – Competitor Research

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No more LinkedIn answers, a step backwards?

It’s now official that from the 31st January, LinkedIn questions and answers will be a thing of the past. For B2B organisations (like us) LinkedIn provided a platform to demonstrate knowledge and expertise to those who needed it. We and many others have generated profitable leads through answers and will be sad to see such a useful part of LinkedIn scrapped.

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