Instagram are following in the footsteps of Facebook, launching their new Live Video feature

Instagram has recently unveiled its newest update which allows users to stream live video to their followers and send disappearing photos and videos to friends. The live video feature comes in the wake of Facebook’s success in the same field, offering live video streaming from their smartphone app.

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How to use Social Media to boost your visibility online

Social media isn’t just for catching up with friends and family, it is also a powerful marketing tool for your business. When used effectively, social media can increase traffic to your website and boost your visibility online.


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Get more out of your 140 characters on Twitter

Since its beginning, Twitter has offered a unique 140 character limit for users per Tweet that they post. This has been the same for the past 10 years. Over time, Twitter has allowed users to add different forms of media to their posts, including pictures, videos and links.

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Why Twitter is still one of the strongest social platforms for digital marketing

It is widely known that social media plays an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. Since its launch in 2004, Twitter alone has 313 million monthly active users, along with Facebook, which has acquired over 1.71 billion monthly active users. Other popular social networking sites, designed more specifically for business use, such as Google Plus and LinkedIn offer another 300 million monthly users and 450 million users respectively.

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Use Your Email Universe to Generate Your Social Followers

Email Marketing and Social Media marketing are like parallel universes. The most effective marketing strategies are multi-dimensional – they reach into every corner of the web multiverse.

It’s not a question of whether email marketing is more effective than social media marketing, or vice-versa – the question is how to link the two universes to extend influence.

If you’re not already supplementing your email campaign with social media links, consider the following:

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8 steps to creating more engaging social media posts

Since social media is a large part of a successful digital marketing strategy, it’s important to maximise engagement with your followers in order to generate measureable ROI. But with more than 313 million monthly active users across different channels fighting to make their voices heard, how can you distinguish your company’s posts from the rest of the noise and create more engaging social media posts?

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Avoid a social media faux pas with these rules of social media etiquette

Social media is a fundamental element within any digital marketing strategy. Different platforms are constantly changing, which can make it tricky to keep up with best practice techniques. Following these simple steps is a good place to start to avoid making a social media faux pas and meet the rules of social media etiquette for businesses using social networks to market online:

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Twitter's new button allows sharing to private messages

The beginning of April has seen Twitter adding a new button, which enables users to share tweets using direct messages. Leading the way amongst other social sites, the social media site has simplified the ability to share content with others in a private message.

Sharing on Twitter previously

In the past, it was possible to share a tweet in a private message by first tapping it, then selecting “Send via Direct Message” in the settings. This is similar to the processes on other social sites, such as Facebook, where the steps are not too dissimilar.

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Twitter Launches ‘Moments In The UK’

With the success of its October release in the US, Twitter has officially released their ‘Moments’ feature in the UK. Simply, Twitter Moments is a compilation of important news stories on Twitter from around the world at any given time.

With multiple offices around the world, Twitter has recently set up a new office of editors in the centre of London. All of the new team have a history in journalism and their sole jobs are to find the latest trending news, and organise and curate it into one place; Twitter Moments, for all Twitter users to access.

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How to Increase Engagement with Your Followers on Twitter

What is it that makes Twitter a worthwhile enterprise? Engagement, that’s what. To see a real return on any investment in social media you need to look at whether or not people are engaging with your Twitter profile. If they’re not, then here are a few tips designed to boost engagement.

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