What does AI actually look like for marketing?

AI is set to transform the way that we do business, interact and sell in the years to come. This innovative technology offers a wealth of advantages to businesses looking to do more with less budget and increase efficiency across the board. But, in terms of the reality of integrating and using it, what does AI actually look like for marketing?

9 examples of AI in marketing

AI has almost limitless potential and can be innovated continuously to help meet challenges as they arise. These are just some of the ways in which it has relevance to the marketing world.

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Do businesses need a Google My Business account?

Google My Business is designed to help local businesses create a competitive advantage and improve SEO. Particularly for businesses operating in a competitive local environment it can be a great way to stand out and to boost the online presence that your enterprise has. But do you really need to go to the effort of setting one up?

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5 reasons that blogging is an essential part of your content marketing

Content is king (or queen) today – this is something that most businesses are already aware of. However, not everyone is getting the most out of content when it comes to marketing strategy. If you’re not currently blogging then you’re missing out on a wealth of opportunities to optimise your content marketing and generate more ROI. These are 5 reasons why blogging is an essential component of any content marketing plan.

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Discover Domain Authority and how to use it correctly for your website SEO

Domain Authority is a way of determining how well a site will perform in search results. It takes into account a range of different factors to create an overall score that can then be used as a way of either monitoring the ranking strength of the website over a set period of time or comparing one website to another. Although Domain Authority isn’t a Google metric it can be an incredibly useful tool when it comes to insight and SEO.

Domain authority – the basics

- Domain authority is scored on a 100-point logarithmic scale

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5 easy ways to use video as a B2B online strategy

B2B content strategy is a slightly different beast to a successful B2C approach. In recent years many businesses have focused on whitepapers, blogs, webinars and eBooks as a way to drive traffic and engagement. While these are still very effective tools, changes to the way social networks now function and an increase in competition for the attention of an audience mean that more is required. Video is the tool of choice for filling this gap. 62% of B2Bs video content builds more brand awareness and helps to generate higher quality leads.

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How to fight back against negative customer reviews

Did you know that for every 1 positive review there are 10 negative customer reviews? There's nothing like a negative customer's opinion online to clog your sales pipeline. In order to push passed the negativity and continue to convert sales, you need to implement these 3 key skills.

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8 ways to use social media to build customer relationships

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses today. It has also created expectations among consumers when it comes to factors such as speed of response – for example, those businesses that don’t respond to messages on social media experience a 15% increase in churn. If you’re looking to optimise social media to build better customer relationships then there are some simple ways to do it.

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An update from Facebook's F8 Conference - What's coming up?

Facebook recently held its annual F8 conference in California. As the biggest social media giant in the world any public announcement that Facebook makes is to be treated as key thanks to the impact this could potentially have on any business that relies on social for customer engagement. So, what is coming up in the world of Facebook in the foreseeable future?

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Why it's still important to optimise your website for mobile and how to do this

Mobile is now officially more popular than desktop when it comes to the way consumers today choose to go online. Given that the number of smart phone users is set to grow to 2.5 billion in 2019 it’s perhaps not surprising that mobile is such a crucial channel for marketers and businesses. Ensuring that your website is optimised for mobile – and designed in a way that will enable your business to capture more mobile consumers – is going to be key. So, how do you do it?

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How can metrics help you to get better conversions through your website?

Insight enables improvement – that’s the same whatever the industry and whatever the context. When it comes to the performance of your website, metrics provide that essential insight that can help to improve the volume and quality of conversions that you achieve.

Laying the foundation for success

If you’re keen to use metrics to improve conversions through your website then this starts by establishing which measurements you’re going to use to support your business in reaching this goal. Some of the options include:

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