Becoming a guest on the podcast

Are you interested in joining us on the podcast? We’d love to have you! Here’s what you need to know…

Our podcast is designed to be an industry-leading discussion on all things digital. From top-level marketing strategy down to how to get ROI from your individual marketing channels. Our listeners are like-minded professionals, spanning a range of industries and backgrounds. Whether you’re a marketing czar, or you’re looking to engage in discussion and share your stories, we can’t wait to have you.

We want to highlight you. Your stories, your knowledge, your experience. 

In the podcast, we’ll ask you questions about your experience, and the problems you’ve faced, as well as how you’ve overcome these problems. A story goes down well, so if you have any relevant tales that can help demonstrate your point, we’d love to hear them. We aim to help our listeners enhance their business, so everything we discuss should come back to helping improve our listeners businesses. This should be a genuinely engaging and interesting discussion, so make yourself comfortable and have fun!

Before closing the podcast, we will give our customers an opportunity to connect with you. You can share your social media handles, encourage listeners to visit your website, or promote an offer or product.

Are you ready to join us? Still got questions? Click below to get in touch and we’ll organise a convenient date for us to talk.