2023 is going to be a year like none that we have had recently. It’s the first without the shadow of the pandemic but has many other challenges of its own. As well as challenges there will be opportunities for growth for businesses across all sectors. Digital marketing, and the way that brands reach consumers, is going to play a big role in that. Here are some of the key digital marketing trends for 2023 that could help your business to evolve next year.

  • Purposeful ad campaigns. The ads that have the biggest connection with consumers today are those that do more than just shift product. Look at the cat food brand Sheba, for example, which developed an innovative ad campaign that was also designed to help save the world’s fish. Whether it’s sustainability or humanity, purposeful ads are going to be a big trend next year. What’s crucial is steering clear of “purpose-washing,” where the purpose is inauthentic and purely designed to sell. Align your brand with a cause you genuinely care about.
  • Consumers want respect for their privacy. 43% of consumers will switch brands if they have a bad privacy experience. Customers want to feel in control of their data and that their privacy is being respected. So, digital marketing necessarily needs to shift towards a greater focus on privacy in 2023, whether that is offering accessible tools to allow customers to manage their own privacy or a greater focus on how the business values this in the marketing itself.
  • Lifting inadvertent bias to create more inclusive media planning. In 2022, we saw big strides taken towards more inclusive advertising but this is likely to go much further in 2023. Big names like Diago and Dominos have been moving towards a new strategy in terms of the moments they show up to better connect with their entire audience. Does the mix of channels and publishers in your media plan actually reach your intended audience? Do you need to review for potential bias in keyword and topic exclusions? These are just some of the key questions to ask.
  • Targeting Gen Z. Digital marketing trends for 2023 are going to become increasingly focused on targeting the first generation to have grown up on the internet. The best way to explore this trend is to find ways to meet Gen Z in the diverse, visual worlds they occupy, rather than bringing them into your brand’s universe. Focus on authenticity and relevance and spend time looking at what this generation’s unmet needs are. Augmented Reality is one obvious way to do this – more than a third of Gen Z are predicted to be shopping with it by 2025.
  • Highly engaging short form video content. This trend isn’t going away in 2023 – but it is evolving. Learn from those who are doing it best and use storytelling as a tool. Make sure you get straight to the action, keep it punchy and look to keep the content ‘snackable.”

2023 is a brand new horizon for digital marketing and these are some of the trends that are going to light it up. To find out more about Iconic Digital’s award-winning digital marketing services get in contact today on 020 7100 0726.