There are so many social media platforms around today that it’s often tough to decide where to direct your time and resources. Twitter is one of the original social networks and now has more than 300 million monthly active users. As a platform it is continually evolving and has a lot to offer businesses, large and small. If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, generate sales and leads, build a community and establish more channels for customer support then Twitter could be a very effective way to do it.

Social listening can create huge advantages

Conversations are open on Twitter – you can see what customers are saying to each other and also to other brands. This means that customers can find you and you can also track down insights and users that might be relevant to your business with tools such as targeting hashtags and keywords.

Twitter use can drive traffic to your website

47% of people who visit a Twitter profile will go on to click on the website link in that profile. In addition you can also use Twitter to share links to blogs, products and landing pages that will also help to increase traffic volumes.

Being accessible to customers and generating social currency

Having a presence on Twitter gives you an advantage over those who do not and provides a way to connect quickly with consumers. It can also be used to drive more leads into the sales funnel via customers who are happy with their interactions with your brand on Twitter.

An array of communication tools

Twitter offers many different ways to engage with your customers, from carrying out polls to running promotional campaigns and using the platform to promote educational content.

Real time customer support

You can use Twitter to provide fast customer service that is likely to increase satisfaction levels way beyond using emails to deliver the same service. Key to this is ensuring that you are responsive, especially when customers use the platform to get in touch with questions or complaints.

Genuine customer insight and targeting is available

If you’re looking to gain more insight into your customers you can use Twitter to do it. Inbuilt analytics, for example, provide opportunities to better understand your customers – who they are and what they want – and to target ads and marketing campaigns more accurately as a result.

Everyone else is using it

Well, not everyone else but a lot of businesses rely on Twitter, including 377 of the 2013 Fortune 500 companies.

You can significantly expand marketing reach. There are lots of ways to use Twitter to expand your marketing efforts, from working with influencers on the platform to regularly posting high quality content and using it to build up fans and credibility.

Twitter remains one of the most popular social networks. For businesses looking to get more from social media marketing investment there are a lot of opportunities to generate results.

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