Social media platforms evolve – a lot. Whether you appreciate the constant changes that seem to be introduced by these apps – mobile or desktop – the driving force behind the upgrades is to make things easier for users. In an effort to do just that Twitter has introduced a desktop redesign that it hopes will make it more competitive and a more intuitive option for many who want to use social networks, whether for business or personal reasons. So, what does the new redesign involve?

Changes to the desktop interface

The redesign has altered the structure of the way Twitter’s desktop app appears to users. It has three columns and the content of some of them is new. So, if you’re looking for trends you’ll now find these in the right hand column on the desktop, for example. The left hand column now contains many of the functions that were previously at the top of the desktop design, including menu and navigation, as well as your Twitter profile link.

One thing that hasn’t changed for the desktop redesign is the position of the timeline, which is still squarely in the centre of the page. It’s worth noting that Twitter originally released a redesign that had just two columns. This came out back in January but only had a limited circulation and has now been replaced by the three-column version.

The new desktop redesign – in brief

  • Trending items has moved from the left hand side to the right column
  • Home, Explore, Notifications, Bookmarks, Lists, Profile, and Messages are now all grouped together in the same column
  • There is a “More” buttom that opens up extended options for users to explore
  • The desktop redesign has direct links to promote and Advertise, as well as to the range of Settings and Privacy options and to Twitter’s Media studio
  • Users who really don’t like the desktop redesign will have the option to switch to “legacy Twitter”
  • Dark mode is easily available to users of the redesigned desktop – this is basically a night mode that makes using the platform after daylight hours easier on the eyes

A more competitive layout?

Twitter is constantly competing with social media giant Facebook when it comes to attracting users, whether individuals or businesses. The hope is that the redesign will make the platform more competitive by creating a design that is more intuitive for users and which feels simpler and faster to work with.

Users today simply don’t want to, and aren’t willing to, spend hours trying to find their way around one social media site when another makes it much easier to do. So, although the repeated redesigns tend to annoy some, for others they hold the key to a greater appreciation of the benefits of Twitter – and to greater success for the platform.

If you’re keen to get to know the new Twitter layout, or you’d like to find out how to better use social media to support your business contact one of our team.