With the success of its October release in the US, Twitter has officially released their ‘Moments’ feature in the UK. Simply, Twitter Moments is a compilation of important news stories on Twitter from around the world at any given time.

With multiple offices around the world, Twitter has recently set up a new office of editors in the centre of London. All of the new team have a history in journalism and their sole jobs are to find the latest trending news, and organise and curate it into one place; Twitter Moments, for all Twitter users to access.

Where Are Twitter Moments?

Moments will not appear on Twitter users’ timelines, but on a new lightning tab beside the notification button. Moments is comprised of multiple feature tabs; Today, News, Sports, Entertainment and Fun and all of its content will come from stories that have gone through the team and been categorised into one of these tabs. Each tab will hold circa a dozen stories at a time.

What Will Be In Twitter Moments?

Twitter seems to have a firm grip on what makes them different from other social networks and ensuing with this, their new London editorial team plans to feature factual stories, including eye-witness reports and current news as it breaks. This will not only feature stories from well-known news sources, but also the public, using things such as phone footage.

What Do The Tabs In Twitter Moments Do?

The Entertainment tab will also be a place for members of the public to get their time in the spotlight, as it will feature humorous responses, comments and general content from unknown Twitter users, while also featuring popular articles from well-known publications and celebrity updates.

What’s The Point Of Twitter Moments?

The aim of Moments is to offer Twitter users instant access to what is going on around the world all in one easy place. Users will be able to find stories that may not usually appear in their timelines.

Twitter Moments differs in appearance from what users are used to as it features animated images, music and even Vine videos.

How Does Twitter Moments Work?

Selecting a Moment will take users to an introduction with a description. Depending on the device, user access will differ. Laptops and desktops will access Moments via standard clicks, while on mobile devices swiping to the side will allow users to view the content of the story, including Vines, automatic-playing videos and/ or GIFs. Tapping once will give mobile users a wider view of the Tweet, where they can Retweet and Favourite. Users can also favourite by double tapping.

All Moments have a progress bar at the bottom allowing users to know how much more of the Moment is left. To return to the guide, all users would have to do is swipe either up or down. Once done with a Tweet, users can click on the Share button to leave their responses or show with their followers. Here’s an example Twitter made earlier.

With Twitter Moments already having offices in the US and Brazil, the UK is its third country base, and Twitter are still planning to increase.

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