Facebook Ads have a huge amount to offer businesses today – in fact, if you’re not working with them you could be losing money as a result. If you’re not convinced about the value that Facebook Ads could bring to your business, especially in the B2C sector, then here are our top 13 reasons why we would recommend getting started:

1. Facebook is where your customers are

Great marketing is about getting your message in front of your target audience – 80% of all Internet users use Facebook, plus using Facebook Ads’ tools to filter your audience into your target categories and interests, this is a quick and easy way to get your ad in front of a captive audience quickly.

2. You can use Facebook to build brand awareness

With Facebook Ads you can communicate what your business is about and what you have to offer. Depending on the type of ad you run, you can aim for direct, immediate sales, or run a brand awareness campaign, which you can retarget the audience for later, and increase your chance of conversions.

3. Facebook Ads are cost effective

Few other advertising channels allow you to reach thousands of people with just a few £s of spend. This makes is a cost-effective option compared to Google Ads, and can generate a particularly strong ROI in the B2C sector.

4. Budget control

You can lower the ‘per acquisition’ figure with Facebook Ads. It’s cheap but effective and so will lower your cost per acquisition, which can make it a great platform for generating new leads and getting visitors to your website. The ability to set your overall budget, and filter your audience and more, allows you to work with the resources you have, and increase and decrease at any time.

5. Facebook Ads allows you to be specific

If you want to achieve real ROI on ad spend Facebook provides a lot of targeting options, from age to interests. This allows you to make sure you’re targeting the right audience from the beginning, and implementing the Facebook Pixel allows you to re-target a lookalike audience based on the most engagement.

6. More brand interaction means more potential conversions and results

Facebook Ads drive up the number of times your brand is seen by potential customers, increasing the potential for conversion. You’ll see a quick return on investment, as Facebook Ads start delivering straight away.

7. Generate exposure for your blog

Facebook Ads are very effective at driving people towards your blog content, which also contributes to your SEO, and increases traffic to your website.

8. There are tangible results

Facebook Ad campaigns deliver real results in terms of sales and leads, all of which are tracked and measured within the campaign, to allow you to retarget similar audiences. You’ll be able to see exactly where the campaign is doing well, from impressions to clicks and conversions.

9. Facebook is an effective remarketing tool

Facebook Ads are a simple way to re-engage with customers who visited your website but didn’t take any action.

10. Organic Facebook marketing doesn’t exist today

The only effective way to reach people on the platform is via Ads. It works for in-store traffic too. In fact, many brands who invest in Facebook Ads see a rise in traffic to real life stores, as well as online. Social signals also increase SEO. Social signals include likes, shares and comments on social posts – effective Facebook Ads boost social signals, which can increase the effectiveness of SEO.

11. Build up your repeat customers and drive audience engagement

Import email contacts into Facebook to market directly to those who have purchased from you before. Effective Ads generate likes, comments and shares.

12. You can go mobile and adjust in real-time

It’s easy to ensure your Ads are optimised for mobile so you’re not missing out on any audience share. If you’re not happy with how a campaign is performing you can make instant adjustments.

13. Broaden your exposure

Whether it’s a new product or a new market, Ads can help your brand break into it. It’s hard to remain competitive today without using Facebook Ads, as everyone is doing it.

If you’d like to find out more about Facebook Ads, get in touch with our team of Digital Marketing Specialists today and we can get you started.