When it comes to social media, many businesses are well established in terms of using these platforms for brand recognition. However, driving traffic and ensuring conversions is not quite as simple. The basic function of social media has always been as a form of entertainment and distraction, which is why it can be a tough ask to use these channels to get people to commit and to buy. However, if you’re keen then it is possible.

  • Make sure your social profiles have all the basics. That means that, whatever platform you’re using, users can see where to contact you, what you’re offering, where to find more information about the business (i.e. the website is obviously linked) and also have access to some client testimonials.
  • Build that brand. When you have established brand recognition this will automatically make it easier to connect with your audience to drive traffic and conversions. According to accepted intelligence, humans need to see a message 8 times in order to remember it so don’t assume that one contact with your business is going to be enough. You will most likely need to have consistent posting across multiple channels and ensure that what you’re posting across all these channels fits with your brand messaging. Quality content is the key to success on social media, especially if you’re looking to use it to drive traffic. If you can find a unique angle or delivery, as well as getting really creative with how you approach it, then you’ll be able to make even more of an impact.
  • Target your specific audience. One of the biggest mistakes that brands make on social media is trying to get attention from everyone all the time. In fact, channeling your energy and focus into attracting your specific target audience is much more effective and a better use of resources. These are the people who are much more likely to convert and to jump from your social channels to your web pages. Make sure you know what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to so that the messages you use in your targeting are effective.
  • If you’re selling B2B look for the people behind the businesses. You’ll have much more success in your messaging and conversions if you’re aiming everything at the people in the roles, rather than just at the business.
  • Invest in retargeting ads. These are ads that will focus on prospects who visited your site but did not convert – so, they will drive people back to your website. Segmenting your audience when you do this can help to ensure that you’re able to customise the experience, for example based on a page they visited or an action that they failed to complete. Most social media channels already have tools set up to help with this – for example, you can install the Facebook tracking pixel or investigate the LinkedIn retargeting options.

When you start to find your feet on social media it can be an incredibly powerful tool for reaching new audiences with your business – and driving more people to your website as a result. To find out how Iconic Digital can help you with your social media strategy, get in touch today, call us on 020 7100 0726. Find out more about our Social Media Marketing Agency in London.