When we think of social media, it’s usually one of the big platforms that come to mind – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Maybe Pinterest too. However, these aren’t the only options. If social media marketing is about meeting your audience where they spend most of their time then you might also need to consider some of the more niche social media options. As most are free to access, all that you need to experiment with them is the time to do it. These are some of the niche social media platforms that could provide new opportunities to connect with your audience.


You do need an invite to join this app but once you’ve got one then you can connect with influencers and celebrities, as well as your target audience. Unlike other platforms that are much more visual, Clubhouse focuses on audio, so you can drop into various ‘rooms’ and listen – and contribute – to the conversations that are happening there.

Mighty Networks

This is a platform designed to enable you to create a community in the same way as you might an e-commerce store – so, you can essentially design your own social media platform. As soon as you’re part of Mighty Networks you can begin building an engaged community around your brand. There are lots of different ways to do this, from sharing content to offering digital courses and putting on events.


You have no doubt come across Quora, as it tends to pop up in search results in response to a whole range of different questions. It’s often viewed as the more sophisticated version of Yahoo Answers and is a great place to start increasing the visibility of your brand. Your target audience is bound to have questions and you can open a channel of communication if you’re the one to answer them via a site like Quora. The best way to approach Quora is to look through the site and find the questions you can easily, and authoritatively, answer. It can also be a good resource for content ideas.


This platform is aimed specifically at artists and creators and has a very broad global audience. It also functions as a design portfolio site – it’s one of the largest platforms for designers to share their work online – and Dribbble also has recruitment functions, so if you’re looking to recruit designers or creatives it can be a great place to browse for that too.


If you know your audience then you’ll be able to find a part of Reddit that matches their needs exactly, which makes this platform a great one to explore. It’s also a very easy way to stay on top of what your audience is talking about, what the latest trends are that are relevant to them, as well as the latest news.

Niche social media platforms offer the opportunity to explore other places where your audience might be, as well as new methods for reaching them. To find out how Iconic Digital can help you with your social media channels in 2022, get in touch today, call us on 020 7100 0726. Find out more about our Social Media Marketing Agency in London.