Social media isn’t just for catching up with friends and family, it is also a powerful marketing tool for your business. When used effectively, social media can increase traffic to your website and boost your visibility online.

How can Social Media be an effective marketing tool?

Marketing is all about reach, ensuring that your content is reaching as wide an audience as possible in order to draw in potential clients and customers. Social media provides an excellent platform for this as Twitter and Facebook alone have 320 million and 1.71 billion users respectively.

The goal for anyone attempting to use social media to increase their visibility online is to increase brand awareness. Social media allows you to reach a large audience very quickly as people consume and share your content. Use this opportunity to direct audiences to your website by including links and references that will make readers want to find out more.

When done right, social media can help improve brand awareness, recognition and loyalty by creating a community with your social media followers and encouraging interaction and communication.

How to take advantage of Social Media

Increasing the reach of your social media isn’t always easy but there are a few keys focus points you should have in order to make sure you are utilising social platforms effectively.

Imagery is incredibly important for grabbing the attention of your audience. 90% of all information transmitted into our brain is visual and audiences are more likely to remember visual content. Make sure any imagery you use reflects your business’ culture and message and use images and colours that your audiences recognise as being associated with your brand in order to increase brand recognition and attract viewers to your post.

I touched upon it earlier, but encouraging interaction and communication with your audience is vital to ensuring effective management of your social media. Instead of simply asking for likes, views or shares, use a creative call to action to find new ways to keep your audience engaged.

Consistency might seem obvious but it’s incredibly important. Make sure your content is consistent in its quality, format and content. Keep your content relevant by talking about topics that effect your business and your customers.

When should I post?

Posting intervals should be carefully considered when establishing your social media, creating a schedule for how often you post and at what time in the day can ensure you do not miss a post and that you are posting at the times when your audience are the most active on social media platforms. These times can be separated into a few small, easy to understand periods.

8 am to 9am – Users are likely to be active at these times as people are checking social media as they eat breakfast or get ready for their day.

12pm to 2pm – Social media users are likely to be active at lunchtime as they take a break from their day.

5pm to 7pm – At this time, many of your audience are leaving work / school and turn to social media to unwind.

10pm to 11pm – Many social media users spend an hour or two active on their social media before going to bed.

By posting regularly at these times every day, you can build up a regular audience of active users. For many of these users, social media is a part of their daily routine and by utilising this information you can specifically target your marketing to the times when it will be most effective.

How we can help

Regular, high quality content encourages audiences to view and engage with your brand. Keeping your posts consistent means audiences are constantly exposed to your marketing and are much more likely to show interest and interact with you through your social media. An easy and efficient way to do this is to outsource it, enlisting the help of a digital marketing agency to manage your social media for you guarantees a consistent level of high quality content and frees up time for you to focus on other projects.

Our digital marketing experience allows us to effectively and successfully manage your social media for you so you have more time to dedicate to your business. With packages from just £150 per month, we ensure all of your social media platforms are posting regular, high quality content to catch the attention of potential clients and consumers.

To find out more, visit our website here, or call on 020 7100 0726.