Social media and digital marketing often come as a pair, but assuming that these two are mutually exclusive is a mistake that many people make. While social media marketing can be an incredibly effective way to boost sales, improve customer engagement and drive traffic to a website it’s also an area of digital marketing where it’s possible to waste a lot of money. Social media marketing that takes into account customers’ journeys often generates the best results. This is something that is easy to achieve by bringing a digital agency on board.

Social Media marketing

Like content marketing, it’s easy to assume that effective social media simply requires putting content ‘out there.’ Whether this is being outsourced or generated in-house it can be an incredibly wasteful process if it’s not properly thought through. Working with a digital marketing agency can ensure that all the key elements of social media marketing are addressed whilst ensuring that your social media presence is aligned with your brand across the digital disciplines.

Internet marketing and social media use

Social media marketing is all about planning ahead and reacting to the online world which makes managing social media profiles both worthwhile yet time-consuming. Ensuring your doing social media marketing correctly will depend on how well you are implementing these five key factors:

  1. Analysis. A scattergun approach doesn’t work with social media – it’s really important to identify which channels are the most effective and which methods work for your brand, as well as those that don’t.
  2. Strategy. Strategic use of social media creates a consistent brand voice and messaging that is designed by data insights and tailored to help you reach your business goals.
  3. Creative. The use of imagery and videography in social media can considerably enhance effectiveness.
  4. Content. Social media content is far more effective when it has been carefully planned to promote your brand and to integrate with other marketing channels.
  5. Paid ads. Today there are many different routes available to engage with an audience via paid channels – it’s essential to have a good knowledge of the different ad types and targeting options.

Common mistakes in social media marketing

Although social media isn’t difficult in theory it’s still easy to get it wrong. One of the most common mistakes is not optimising social media profiles, for example, something that a marketing agency can solve quickly and efficiently. A social media strategy that focuses purely on gaining followers is also not the way to go – increasing followers on social media profiles doesn’t necessarily equate to business growth. Plus, many brands spend time and resources on content marketing but then don’t optimise that content across social media platforms.

Making sure that you’ve established a targeted approach to social media will be a massive advantage, especially in a competitive market.

A well-structured, targeted approach to social media can give a brand a big advantage, especially in a competitive market. Cost- effective and accessible, social media is a real asset in internet marketing for those who use it correctly.

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