It is vital that you are able to master how to use Twitter effectively, as you only have 140 characters to share your thoughts. Being concise is key and if you can get it right, Twitter is a fantastic way to get more traffic to your website. With over 232 million people using Twitter regularly, there is a huge audience you could reach. So how do you make your business stand out amongst the others?

Present your company clearly

For your marketing to be effective through Twitter, you must make your brand image clear. Use your bio to explain who you are as a company and link back to your website. Doing this will give a strong impression and clarity to those viewing your profile about what you do, whilst directing them immediately back to your site. Giving a face to your brand has also been proven to work better for marketing than simply a brand logo – using a person from the company as the contact for Twitter encourages users to engage with you, as they can see that there is a ‘real’ person behind the account.

Interact consistently

You will engage your audience the most if you tweet regularly – 5 times a day is the optimum so as not to overload your followers. Tweet at the times users check their accounts. Typically this is when they wake up, on the commute to work, at lunch, on the way home, and just before bed. Tweeting regularly gives them a chance to see what you’re sharing throughout the day, and promotes your brand further. Make sure that the way you tweet is consistent and relevant to your company, whether you’re sharing an article, blog, thought or image.

Tweet varied content

Statistically, images and videos receive the highest levels of interaction for types of content shared, with an average of 3-4 more clicks than a simple text post. These will stand out and be more visible in the feed of your followers, so that they don’t miss what you have shared. It also gives a greater chance that they will remember it and therefore remember your company later on.

Follow the right people

In order to connect with your target customer you should follow others within your field. This means that you’ll be interacting with like-minded prospects including customers, and other inspirational contacts within your industry. If you’re spending time connecting with unrelated contacts then you will be wasting time. Instead, search for keywords to start looking for relevant people to follow. You can also follow people depending on their location, meaning that you can target those that fall within your boundaries more specifically and that you’d realistically be able to work with or provide services or products to.

Talk to your followers

Don’t be afraid to be direct. If you want people to retweet something that you’ve shared, then ask them to do it. Asking questions, promoting competitions and specifically mentioning users in comments is an effective way to start conversations and build relationships. You can also use Twitter to improve the customer services of your company. When people ask questions, you can respond directly to them, which will promote your company further by demonstrating your willingness to help.

Share responsibility for your account

Although it is sensible to have one account manager who is responsible overall for your profile, involving other colleagues can be a great way to keep your content varied. Through your team, you will come up with a greater variety of ideas and content to share, keeping your audience interested and looking for more information, which they can find on your website.

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