LinkedIn marketing has a lot to offer, whether you are an organisation or an individual freelancer. LinkedIn has more than 670 million monthly active users and is the go to social platform for business connections. If you’re not getting much from LinkedIn marketing right now then it might be because you’re not making the most of the marketing options that exist, especially when it comes to learning more about, and connecting with, other users – these are our top tips on how to do that.


Use LinkedIn’s leads and analytics data

Sometimes we overlook the most basic data where marketing is concerned. Depending on your settings your LinkedIn profile will show you two key pieces of information: who viewed your profile and post views. This can provide a way to open conversations with people who have looked at your profile and also to get an idea of the impact your current content is creating.


Follow hashtags for updates on key topics

Following hashtags such as “social media” or  “life sciences recruitment” will mean that your feed will start to feature updates on the topics that you’ve chosen. You can find hashtags to follow via the Search bar. Limit the number that you follow to several of the topics that are most important to your marketing so your feed is not overwhelmed.


Make the most of your 1st level LinkedIn connections

There are a number of ways you can do this and the simplest is just to make the time to regularly scroll through your feed and see what your connections are up to. The LinkedIn algorithm focuses on “people you know, talking about the things you care about.” You could catch up on news, see competitor products releases or the latest events. The actions you take can also support your marketing efforts – for example, engage with a post by liking or sharing if you want to get the author’s attention.


Expand your audience via 2nd level connections

The way that LinkedIn works means that where there has been a mutual connection request you will make a 1st level connection. Other people may pop up that you’re not connected with but your 1st level connections are. These 2nd level connections are a prime opportunity to build your audience. You could message the 1st level connection you know and ask for an introduction or send a direct and personalised message to the 2nd level connection to see if they’d like to connect.


Use LinkedIn Group Discussions

This is a much underrated feature but can be a great way to connect with your peers and also with customers that you’re keen to target. LinkedIn has changed the original groups function so that Group Discussions can appear in your feed so that you never miss the latest developments. If you’re not seeing this then go to Update Your Settings and In-App Notifications for All Groups.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for all aspects of marketing, from making new connections to gathering key insights and information. Find out more about our social media marketing services on our website or call 020 7100 0726 to see how we can help you.