There is no doubt that TikTok is going to be a key channel for reaching consumers over the next year. Short-form interaction is trending and that is unlikely to change, particularly given the shorter attention spans we all now have and the way that online behaviours are being exhibited, especially among younger generations. As you might expect from a social platform, things at TikTok aren’t going to stay the same – these are some of the updates that you can expect from the social media up and comer later this year.

10-minute long videos

TikTok has now confirmed that it will soon be possible to upload 10-minute long videos, which is a significant increase on previous time limits. This comes on the back of an initial increase in video length, which saw videos of 5 minutes max uploadable from last August. The motivation behind the move is to allow creators to explore more of their creativity on the platform. It’s also obvious that another key reason for expanding video lengths is to make it easier to monetise videos on the platform. The reason Vine eventually failed is often attributed to its inability to do this and TikTok clearly isn’t going to fall into the same pitfall. Longer videos could provide creators with the opportunity to actually generate direct revenue, which could help save the platform from the same fate as Vine. It also helps that there is some precedent for longer videos on other, similar platforms. For example, the Chinese version of TikTok has been allowing 15 minute videos for more than three years.

The TikTok version of Stories

We’ve all gotten used to Stories in the context of Instagram but on other platforms (e.g. Twitter) the approach has not fared that well. Nevertheless, one of the changes coming to TikTok this year is the introduction of a Stories-like feature. Just like on other platforms, the TikTok version of stories will disappear within 24 hours and users can tap through the stories from those they follow in exactly the same way as you can do right now on somewhere like Instagram. The reason for doing this is, again, likely to be monetisation. TikTok is very focused on exploring new forms of content so as to be able to both create more space for ads and maximise potential user engagement, something that Stories clips would make infinitely more possible. This type of content is also going to help TikTok to expand beyond its original mandate of short, catchy videos and into new content territory where it could also potentially attract a wider audience.

These new TikTok updates are clearly designed to generate income, not just for the platform but for creators too. TikTok is forecast to become the next billion-user social app by the end of this year and it’s going to have to get creative and expansive with its content and strategy if it’s going to continue to compete with the likes of Facebook and Instagram. These changes are likely to be just the start. To find out how Iconic Digital can help you with your social media strategy, get in touch today, call us on 020 7100 0726. Find out more about our Social Media Marketing Agency in London.