The bigger audience you reach, the better you are able to promote your business. In our increasingly technology-focused world, to get your voice heard, you need to make yourself known in the digital world. And what better way to do that than create an online social media presence for your business?

Building an identity

When people look at your online presence, they’ll usually refer back to your website. Therefore your website needs to be where you create your digital identity. Ranking higher on Google results in targeted web traffic. Getting to position 1 has always been the “holy grail” for marketers. You can only continue to rank highly on Google search results by producing valuable content that is shared across your social channels. So SEO and social media work together to create customer engagement and increased sales.

#1 Authority in numbers

Powerful website content, blogs, links from other pages and keywords contribute to SEO. This brings you organic traffic to your homepage through search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Although SEO takes time to build up, it is a long-term strategy. This is where social media comes in. Social media allows you to share content, create links, and increase audience engagement through platforms which allow readers to make comments on or ‘like’ the content you have shared. This, in turn, improves your SEO ranking.

#2 Hashtags and keywords

Hashtags can be a useful tool to increase your SEO using your social media platforms. They are a fantastic tool to participate in talking about popular topics, and topics which are related. These can be a great way to work out what keywords are the best to use to engage with your target audience.

#3 No need to pay

SEO will increase more for connections with real people. Search engines only like real links towards your website. This means that your social media is the best way to create these human connections. Being an active presence across social media networks will work as a free link-builder for you. You can build your brand by using social media to generate interaction with your audience, which will increase your SEO ranking for free, instead of paying for Google Ads via PPC.

#4 Getting serious

Social media is a place for discussion and conversation compared to search engines which are the place to look for products or services online. For a potential customer looking for more information about your business, they might check out your social media platforms for a quick way to ask questions or get support.

#5 Social media as a form of SEO

Some people will also be using social media to search for products and reviews, so making sure your keywords, hashtags and content are helpful and of good quality will also gain you potential customers. Sharing links to products will boost your link credibility for SEO too.

What does this mean for your digital marketing?

This means that SEO and social media work hand in hand to promote your business. Social media can be a huge influence on your SEO ranking, and getting your voice heard. Social media can also act as an extension of your website, engaging with customers in different ways, and spreading the word about your brand.

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Author: Steve Pailthorpe – Follow us on Google+