When it comes to social media, many of us tend to focus on the big, well-established names such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. However, the world of social networks is an innovative place and there are fresh developments happening all the time. New platforms are creative and cutting edge and many provide a range of different opportunities for creating opportunities for your business – these are 5 up and coming social media platforms to watch.


Social broadcasting is the foundation of the concept behind Caffeine, which has been created with entertainment and gaming in mind as well as giving users more opportunities to engage in the visual arts. It’s a great option if you’re looking to jump into the burgeoning live streaming trend, as it has features that enable you to broadcast and also to have real time interactions with those who are viewing the content.


Tapping into the suspicion that has developed around the major social platforms, Vero has pitched itself as Instagram but without the ads and algorithms. It also doesn’t do data mining. You can post a range of content to Vero, including images and links and there are many more options for deciding who is able to view each post too. If your business is keen to be more credible and build authentic relationships with consumers this could be a great conduit for it.


In 2018, TikTok suddenly shot up in popularity and became the most downloaded app of the entire year. It is a music app and unfortunately developed a reputation as being a bit of a waste of technology, somewhere that only offers lip-syncing for kids. However, TikTok is essentially a short form mobile video app, a bit like Vine, and if you are looking to target users between the ages of 16-24 you will find a lot of them here. Its popularity is predominantly the result of how easy it is to create videos within the app, to add music, AR filters and other effects.


Recognising the popularity of TikTok, last year Facebook released Lasso, which is a very similar concept designed to compete with the more established app. Like its predecessor, Lasso is all about creating short videos and being able to add effects to them. However, it also has the advantage that the videos can also be posted to Facebook and – in the near future – to Instagram Stories.


A more modern alternative to Reddit, Steemit is based on blockchain and uses cryptocurrency to reward content that gets upvoted. However, it’s not just about making money as the range of content that you can create on Steemit is very broad, from travel photos to links to sports topics.

If you’re struggling to engage with traditional social networks – or you’re looking to broaden out your reach – then one of these up and coming platforms may be worth exploring. All are relatively new and being an early adopter has a lot of benefits.

Bespoke social strategy for maximum reach

The social media platforms you choose will depend on where your target audience is – for some businesses, Facebook might be the best platform to use, and LinkedIn for others.

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