There is enormous choice in marketing today and this can create confusion over where to concentrate your efforts and resources. From social channels to SEO and guerrilla tactics, where are you likely to see the best ROI? Social media is undoubtedly one investment that needs to be integrated into every marketing budget – and there are five good reasons why Facebook Ads is the platform to choose if you’re looking to see results.

1. Facebook Ads are cost effective

Getting traction from organic posts on Facebook today is tough and that’s why most businesses using the platform need to invest in Ads too. Facebook Ads tend to cost just a fraction of what you’ll pay to advertise elsewhere and they can be very effective. It’s possible to reach hundreds of people for just a few pounds – and the more you spend, potentially the broader your reach will be.

2. Everyone is on Facebook

Well, not quite, but Facebook is the biggest social platform and that makes it one that no one should be ignoring when it comes to marketing. 1.49 billion people globally use Facebook and daily activity on the platform is mind-blowing. Not only that but Facebook Ads generate engagement – 22 billion ad clicks are generated annually.

3. The opportunity to remarket

Facebook allows for custom audiences that can be used to enable remarketing. This is basically the process of targeting users who have already been on your site and so are statistically likely to be more interested in what you do, provide or sell. There are lots of different ways to approach this, for example you can try remarketing to users who didn’t convert first time around via Facebook ads to generate better results next time around.

4. The ability to target in-depth is essential

Facebook takes ad targeting to another level and this can have a crucial role to play in how successful your marketing investment is. Being able to reach the right people with your ads is key and Facebook provides an enormous range of criteria from which to define your audience. From demographics to connections and age ranges you can define who you want to reach and then layer other targeting criteria on top to ensure that your messages are getting to exactly the people you want them to.

5. “Lookalike audiences.”

This is a Facebook feature that essentially gives any business the power to clone an audience that has been successful in terms of conversion. This custom group can be used by Facebook to reach out to a whole new audience who are very similar to the one you have already been successful with. The end result is that you can keep growing the size of your converting audience, reducing the guesswork involved in targeting for user acquisition, and increasing income.

Facebook is a force to be reckoned with in marketing terms and Facebook Ads are well worth your investment. Contact us if you’d like to find out more.