Social Media is usually that extra job that is delegated to the first person around at the time, who is usually too busy and does not have the time to tweet, check Facebook engagement levels, share, like or favourite content, even though is obvious how important it is to any growing business.

The following 3 quick and easy tips have been proven to produce twice more output and frequent content for less effort; and as with most things, the greater the output, the greater the level of engagement…

1. Create a schedule

When you create a social media schedule, you will instantly reduce the level of consistent effort required throughout the day in a single session of unbroken concentration. You can schedule your posts with various platforms such as CommuniGator’s GatorSocial, to ensure that you are not wasting precious time logging on and off of your different social media channels.

2. Collect as you go

Finding interesting content to post is what we all dread the most, and usually when we are looking for something, we can never find anything, let alone the particular information we were looking for! Create a collection of interesting blog articles, infographics, images, or anything that takes your fancy! Therefore when you next come to your social media session, you have a wide range of things to choose from.

There are even tools that will allow you to add a ‘social scrape’ icon to your browser where by you can add interesting content at a click of a button and even have it added to a newsletter for your email audiences.

3. Share it more than once

Different people will see your various social media posts depending on what time you post them. So why not share it again, and a third time or even more if need be! If there is something of interest or relevant to your audience then why not make sure they get to see it? This is especially important for twitter, as once you have posted your tweet, it almost instantly disappears from a potential viewers news feed, and is unlikely to be seen again by that person.