When creating a digital marketing strategy, search engine optimisation should be one of the first things you consider. This is an area where there’s always room for improvement, whether that relates to keywords and metrics or user experience. Engaging with a digital marketing agency will be able to bring technology, design, and expertise to the question of how to get found, get ranked, and achieve more sales. From revamping underperforming websites to creating a brand-new online platform a digital marketing agency provides essential partnership in getting the SEO elements of marketing right.

SEO – the basics

Where’s the best place to start when it comes to SEO?

  • On-page optimisation. Websites that don’t do well in the search rankings often have basic problems with on-page optimisation. This is where a digital agency can add real value, by bringing insight on how search engines work to problem-solving. Analysis and creating an optimisation strategy go hand in hand and can integrate everything, from content quality to semantics and tagging.
  • Link building. A wealth of smart tools and effective techniques exist to make the process of building links from authoritative and relevant sites much easier. The benefits of doing this include boosting organic and referral traffic and extending reach.
  • The technical side of SEO. Indexing, crawlability, and website performance are just three technical aspects of optimisation that can be improved by working with a marketing agency with SEO expertise.
  • Local SEO. With around half of internet searches now focused on local intent, this is an essential component in any effective optimisation approach. Getting found for local search phrases is really important for a business and the right specialist strategy, as well as using tools to track and measure performance, can make this happen.

Achieving optimal search engine success

Ensuring a website is visible online and ranks well with search engines is a crucial component in digital marketing, and is the foundation from which other investments, such as those made in content marketing, email marketing, and social media can be launched. It takes expertise and technical resources to achieve higher rankings but there are some exciting benefits to getting there, including more leads, receiving a higher volume of search traffic, and improving the visibility of the brand

Bringing specific SEO expertise online

SEO experts provide input, advice, and practical services that deliver measurable, meaningful results for businesses of any size, industry, and specialism. The detail of SEO can be confusing territory for anyone without experience and the language can seem very techy. A digital marketing agency will simplify this for clients, bringing SEO success within reach by providing clear strategic focus and building in tools and planning to make individual business goals happen. Best-of-breed technology plus a commitment to outcomes and a money-can’t-buy experience define a unique and powerful offering.

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