Over the past couple of years the pandemic pushed even more of what we do as humans online. This has forced many more businesses to step up digitisation and use all available digital tools to reach consumers. SEO remains one of the most effective ways to do this, not only providing more opportunities to connect with customers but to understand them better too. These are just some of the reasons why businesses today are relying on SEO more than ever before.

SEO is vital for organic search

Organic search is often the origin of most website traffic. Being able to improve organic search not only boosts website performance but is a vital part of the buyer funnel and achieving conversions and engagement.

It’s a key tool for building trustworthy and credible digital properties

This creates authority with search engines, which makes it much easier for a brand to be found online.

Local SEO has a lot to add for any business

Local search optimises a business’ digital properties for the local area, meaning that customers in that area can quickly and easily find the products and services they need. A business’ Google My Business listing and Knowledge Graph panel are just two of the key components.

When you’re working with SEO you can get invaluable insight into what customers really want

Analysing SEO data and formats provides essential understanding for brands, whether that relates to signs of intent or consumer behaviour.

High quality SEO creates a better user experience

And this, in turn, will go on to boost organic rankings and website visibility. Google, for example, has increasingly prioritised user experience in recent years (take a look at Google’s Page Experience Update for more info on this) and the better the user experience, the more the website is likely to be recognised by search engines.

Robust SEO builds long-term equity for a brand

If consumers have a positive experience on a brand website then PR messaging in other areas is much more likely to be seen and absorbed too.

SEO is becoming an increasingly important part of the buying cycle

From the real time research that can be gleaned via SEO to the tactics that allow a brand to convey its messaging about products and credibility at exactly the right time, SEO done well is key to accelerating buying cycles.

It’s simple to quantify

With the right tools and analytics you can track, measure and get insight into how specific actions affect performance.

Brands focused on SEO stay in the loop

If you find the constant changes and updates that take place online confusing, one simple way to ensure that you’re on top of the latest developments is to stay up to date with SEO, as it’s often at the heart of evolution.

SEO remains a very cost effective tool

It may not be totally free but SEO is an investment that can pay off significantly over time.

From improving user experience to creating a more visible local profile, these are just some of the reasons why businesses rely on SEO more than ever today. To find out how Iconic Digital can help you with your SEO strategy, get in touch today and call us on 020 7100 0726. Find out more about our Search Engine Optimisation Agency in London.