Search engines “crawl” the web to index pages. If you have a number of text links going to your page from high-quality sources, your page will rank more highly in search engine results. Social media is also a key part of your linking strategy. You can post links to content such as your blogs and articles to direct traffic back to your site. Make sure to become familiar with the style of each different social network such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook, so that you can make the way that you present your content even more targeted for your audience. Social links have been proven to be more powerful than traditional anchor text links so fill your boots with as much social as you can.

Other SEO elements

There are other elements which are less obvious to ensure that your website is visible in search results. These include meta tags and meta descriptions, which use keywords to further promote and optimise your page. Link-building has received bad press in recent months, as some people have tried to manipulate search results. Link building is however fundamentally important. Quality inbound links will help improve your rankings however poor quality links will not improve your efforts.
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