A #1 ranking on Google is the dream for any business when it comes to SEO. If you’re just not achieving anywhere near this level of success at present then it may be that your SEO strategy needs an update. These are some of the most crucial components to ensure your SEO strategy has if that coveted top spot is what you’re looking to achieve.

The importance of keyword research

It’s crucial to understand how keywords serve when it comes to SEO. The objective is to find a set of primary keywords and a set of secondary keywords that reflect what your searchers are using to find a product or solve a problem. When your keywords share the intent of the person searching then they are highly effective.

Accommodating the spiders

When your URLs are crawled, you’ll get better results if the bots are easily able to add the information there to their web index. So, make it simple for those bots to understand images, read text and make sense of anything embedded with clear, clean URLs.

Title tags and meta descriptions

Both of these are still relevant so it’s important to make sure that your pages have effective title tags and meta descriptions. Google often uses a high proportion of meta descriptions and an even higher proportion of titles – and the way your site is displayed in search results can have a big impact on whether it gets traffic. So, integrate these basics into your SEO strategy.

Search for content ideas

If you put yourself in the shoes of the searchers you’re trying to attract, what does the search engine throw back at your query? This will show you what the search engine thinks is relevant to the query in terms of content type and also what kind of content will answer that query. This can be useful inspiration when it comes to establishing what kind of content style to focus your strategy on.

Quality content wins every time

If your SEO strategy has, to date, been all about the mechanics of SEO and less about quality content then it’s time for change. Not only do search engines now recognise quality content but searchers do too – and search engines also recognise when searchers have found content useful and will rank it higher as a result. Quality content is genuinely useful and problem solving, worthy of amplification.

Page speed matters too

Searchers will bounce very quickly if pages take too long to load. The content that you use can have a big impact on page loading so make sure that it’s optimised for speed and something like an overly large image file isn’t holding you back.

Amplification strategy

It’s well worth spending time identifying those who will amplify your content across the digital world. This will not only attract other humans but also Google’s crawlers, which will view it as high quality and relevant because clearly others do too.

These are just some of the ways you can improve your SEO strategy for 2018 – if you’d like to find out more, get in touch with Iconic Digital today by calling 020 7100 0726.