Off-page SEO is basically any form of search optimisation that you use that doesn’t involve action on your own website. Link building is probably the best known method of off-page SEO – getting other sites to link back to yours – but there are many different methods that can have a very positive impact. Off-page SEO is traditionally viewed as difficult to excel at, as it’s seen as largely out of your control. However, there are some off-page SEO techniques that do actually work.

Guest posts for other websites

Providing quality content for another website that links back to your own is one of the most effective ways to build backlinks and attract referral traffic.

Social media marketing

Creating great content for social media is another option if you’re looking for effective off-page SEO. Content should be high quality and keyword rich, as well as varied – a combination of video, text and images will help to make what you post more effective.

Connect with influencers

The right influencer can send a lot of traffic to your website, whether that’s as a result of social posts that mention your brand or a link in a blog. Because many influencers also have high domain authority their backlinks tend to be seen as especially positive by search engines.

Make guest appearances

If you, or someone from your business, makes a guest appearance in content belonging to another brand it can be tagged and linked back to your site. That could be a video, podcast or interview for a digital magazine, for example.

Be active on forums

A high quality, high traffic forum where you can post authoritatively about your specialist subject can provide valuable off-page SEO over time. For example, if you run a business selling vintage clothes, posting tips and advice on vintage finds forums can help to send new customers to your site.

Look out for anyone using your images

You can do a reverse image search on Google, which will show you if other sites are using your original imagery. Requesting that the sites attribute these images to you is another effective way to acquire backlinks.

Embrace YouTube

YouTube has now become the second largest search engine in the world. Posting informative videos here is a great way to obtain free, high-quality backlinks and a steady flow of new traffic back to your site.

Investigate link exchanges

Look for others blogging or posting about similar issues where it would be mutually beneficial to exchange links.

Consider a referral programme

Essentially, what referral programmes do is to use existing, confirmed customers to attract new customers. You can do this via methods such as bonuses, loyalty points, giveaways or discounts.

Go to industry events or hold an event yourself

Attend an industry event, be a speaker representing your business or hold an event. All of these will generate connections and mentions on social media, in blogs and media covering the event and in any trade publications too.

These are just some of the methods that you can use to strengthen off-page SEO for your brand. Contact us if you’d like to find out more.