There are many benefits to investing time and resources into creating more targeted and engaging PPC campaigns. From the way that this can support business goals to the ease of use and the wealth of data that it can generate, being able to achieve more from your PPC campaigns can help your business go further than just increasing traffic to your website, boosting sales and improving brand recognition. But if you’re keen to create more targeted and engaging PPC campaigns where do you start?

  • Make sure you know your audience. Before you start investing more in PPC campaigns it’s essential to have an in-depth understanding of the users you’re targeting and trying to engage with. You should be able to answer a number of simple questions about your customers, including who they are (age, demographics etc), what they already buy from you, the expectations that they might have of your brand, how they respond to your competitors and what specific pain points you could solve for them.
  • Who do you want to focus on? Another top tip is to decide whether you’re going to go for the entire addressable market or take a narrower approach and reach out to a specific segment of your audience. When you’re making this decision, look at the resources you have available as well as how much each segment is worth to engage with. Remember that it can be hard to get the messaging right with a very large audience and you could also create a huge volume of competition for yourself in doing that.
  • What do you want to say? PPC copy is often dominated by offers and deals but it’s still important to make sure that the wording you use is on message. Does it reflect your brand values and integrate your broader marketing strategy? Make sure you have this covered before you start creating visuals etc.
  • Why are you using PPC? It’s vital to define your campaign objective before you put any money behind it. Ensure that you’re clear on this so that you don’t waste your investment and use the wrong ads – for example, if brand awareness is the goal, display ads would be more appropriate than shopping ads.
  • Which platform is going to give you the best return? Identify which platform is likely to generate the most interest and demand and enable you to create the broadest reach with all the potential category buyers. Your objective should be the driving force behind decision-making again here.
  • Spread your investment out. PPC is often at its most effective when used in conjunction with other tactics and channels. If you’re taking this approach then make sure that you’re delivering a coherent message across all the channels you’re using and that this is driven by a data backed strategy.

PPC campaigns have a huge range of benefits and are very accessible for most businesses. From audience understanding to defining objectives and messaging these are our top tips on how to get the best results. With so many consumers now using Google Ads campaigns, as well as the exponential growth in social media paid ads, PPC, social ads and remarketing ads are all no brainers when it comes to integrating key trends into your marketing strategy for 2021. Find out how Iconic Digital can help your businesses advertising across all ads, get in touch today and call us on 020 7100 0726. Find out more about our Paid Advertising agency in London.