Iconic Digital is proud to announce the launch of a new website for Halkin Investments LLP, one of the City’s up and coming independent wealth management firms.

The Problem

Halkin Investments approached Iconic Digital with a dilemma regarding their online website. They had invested time and resources into designing a website through an alternative provider. The site looked superb but when it came to editing and configuring the content, Halkin Investments couldn’t make the simplest of changes. Weekly emails back and forth to developers combined with content that was beginning to grow stale, meant that urgent action needed to be taken.

The website had not been created to support the correct search engine tags and longtail URL aliases on each page. This meant that the website was not optimised for Search Engines and consequently Halkin Investments were not ranked under the appropriate keywords. 

The Solution

Based on the award winning Drupal Content Management System (CMS), the new website has been developed to address the requirements for increased search engine optimisation and back office configuration. Users can now login to the website to edit and configure pages – uploading pictures, creating new content and moving sections around whenever required.

The new CMS has been developed by Iconic Digital to be easily used by any member of Halkin Investment’s team, regardless of technical competence. The website works on a block structure; this means that the site can easily be configured and changed by Halkin Investment’s team without having to defer to a developer to make changes.

Iconic Digital’s MD said, “ We began by copying the current website design and layering this onto the Drupal CMS. Each element of the site can now be easily changed and configured through the back office. In total, the process from start to finish took less than 1 week.”

Andrew Bray, Chief Operating Officer at Halkin Investments commented, “Iconic Digital have exceeded our expectations and have included a number of added value features.” As part of the website upgrade, Iconic Digital completed a full Search Engine Optimisation audit, recommending changes to the coding and structure of the site to improve search engine performance. “Now that the site is live, we have noticed significant improvements to the site’s speed and performance. We have been setup with Google Analytics to monitor our site traffic and can see our website ranking under new key terms.”

Iconic Digital provided a bespoke training package for Halkin Investments team and continue to support and host the website on our secure web server. Find out more about website design london.