I've had the opportunity to interview countless small businesses regarding their digital marketing needs.  The one question that I ask to determine their service needs is, “How do you know if your current digital marketing is working?” More often than not I get blank stares, sheepish looks, or general puzzlement.

My intent here is not to humiliate small businesses, but to address a fundamental and costly problem many small businesses face – understanding their core competency and — by doing so — focusing on those things they do well as a business. If you’re a builder by trade, let’s assume that your core competency is building homes. If you are a business professional, let’s say a solicitor, where is your time best spent? I’ll venture an educated guess that your time is not best spent trying to build a leads-focused website or doing keyword research for your pay-per-click campaign. Plainly said, it’s better to take an honest look at your business strengths and outsource the parts that are not core to your business – even digital marketing.

Small business have several appealing options for outsourcing their digital marketing:


1.  Traditional Online Directory Companies

There are two major downsides to outsourcing your digital marketing to a traditional online directory company. First, you are often dealing with someone with limited knowledge about the digital products because (1) they are probably new to the company, and (2) they have to learn such a broad array of products that they generally don’t have the time and the training to become real subject matter experts, as you may find at companies with more focused product offerings. Second, because most traditional online directory companies tend to resell products rather than develop them internally, the products tend to be more expensive due to additional fees in the selling process, or the products may be slightly less effective, due to product cost controls, than if purchased directly from a local digital marketing company.

2.  Local Digital Marketing Agencies

Local digital marketing agencies can come in a couple of forms, but the most common form is a local agency that focuses on search engine marketing (SEM) and website creation. You can find real local experts and often at very competitive prices.

Iconic Digital are a local digital marketing agency with the determination and skill to propel your business forward to meet its marketing objectives. If you’re a small business thinking of growth but not sure about how to begin, then speak to Iconic Digital and we’ll be pleased to help.