Like any new relationship when you start working with a digital marketing agency there will be a period of getting to know each other. For the collaboration to be productive in the long term it’s going to be necessary to establish some boundaries and work out exactly what the expectations are – as well as what is realistic. If you’ve just signed with a digital marketing agency, or you’re currently considering your options, this is what to expect once the agreement is in place.

Communication is key

The early stage of this new relationship is the time to start working out where you stand. Marketers get excited about new opportunities and may be keen to go full steam ahead but if you have questions about the way things will work or what you’re expecting now is the time to ask them. Your agency should explain its processes to you – if this hasn’t been covered already – and you should by now have a good idea of the stages and timelines involved. If you don’t, or you’re not happy with something, then communicate this. It is much easier to make changes after constructive criticism now than further down the line.

You’ll need to give feedback

This can happen very quickly as you’ll need to provide approval or your comments on deliverables right at the start. If this isn’t a process that you’re used to then it’s a good idea to agree the best way to deliver feedback and what the constructive version of that is going to look like.

Give your new partner as much information as possible

If you’re able to provide a digital marketing agency with a clear picture of where your business has come from the team will be much more able to understand your marketing efforts up to now – including what hasn’t worked. It’s also important to define your goals very early on so that your agency partner knows exactly where you’re aiming to be in the next year or so. This includes overall objectives for the business, as well as the more specific measurables, such as number of leads or a financial goal that you’re working towards.

Getting started

The quick changes

There may be a number of simple changes that can be made by an agency to help you immediately start to capitalise more on your marketing. This could be something as simple as email marketing from an existing list or investing in conversion rate optimisation.

The longer term

Much of the work that a digital marketing agency will do is likely to be over the longer term. Examples of this might be nurturing a new communication channel for your business, designing a content plan or expanding the existing website. The stages involved in this can seem unconstructive at first – you may wonder where the investment you’ve made has gone while initial scoping or construction is being done but this will all become clear when the project starts to come to fruition.

Hiring a digital marketing agency is a great opportunity to improve the profile of your brand and do more with your resources.

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