B2B marketing has changed significantly over the past year and it’s important that you update your strategies too. The impact of COVID-19 has been to send B2B marketing even deeper into the digital world and we have seen much greater focus on tools such as content creation and digital ads. Almost half of digital marketers have shifted their channel mix since the start of the pandemic and few have been unaffected. So, what B2B digital marketing strategies can you leverage for growth as we go into the new year?

Effective thought leadership

It’s a skill to be able to create content that tackles the topics where your business has expertise, as well as your customer’s pain points, in an accessible and interesting way. This often comes by tackling trending topics in your sector that are particularly pertinent to what your business does.

Using segmented email marketing

This approach takes all your email data and creates smaller groups so that you can better target what you send out in email marketing terms. A CRM or email distribution group can be an essential tool for making this work.

Qualifying leads and streamlining research

Lead generation is vital to any marketing strategy and there are many options to qualify the leads you generate through valuable data today. If you’re gathering the right data in the right way you’ll be able to see where your digital footprint is having the biggest impact. You’ll also be able to see whether or not your products and services are pitched well for your audience. Quantitative and qualitative research both have a role to play here – quantitative for the numbers and qualitative for the detail in those stats.

An accessible and impressive online presence

Is your website responsive and how does it rank in terms of usability? 80% of people go straight to a website when they are considering a service provider so your online presence is a big deal. It’s especially important that it is responsive – i.e. that it will deliver the same aesthetic and message no matter what device it’s being viewed on.

A more personalised approach

The use of account based marketing provides options for your business to deliver more individual marketing and a more tailored approach that takes into account the need for personalised and empathetic engagement. There is a wealth of tech available to make this simpler, including the use of artificial intelligence and chatbots.

Focusing on business testimonials and related content

Word of mouth is powerful marketing and you can harness this with testimonials that show potential customers just how positive others have found it to work with your business. This is an approach that can be incredibly productive – 88% of people trust online testimonials as much as reviews from friends or family and 70% trust reviews from strangers.

If you want to give your business growth a boost in 2022 these are just some of the B2B digital marketing strategies that you can use to do it.

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